Saturday, March 24, 2012

March of Thunder

.........Thunderstorms that is!! Look at the hail on my patio table still this morning! We have had the best weather for the last couple of days.  Temperatures of +20C and sunny skies! So why should  the house shaking thunder with waves of hail and sheet lightening be a surprise?  Because it's MARCH???

Everything is covered in frozen drops. The gates.......

and the trees. Looks like tiny swarovski crystals covering all the fine branches. Beautiful!

My poor dog, Dawson is so scared of storms she goes to the basement till it is over. I always say she will be the only survivor found after the storm. I think she is the SMART one! The animals always know.....

Yesterday was quilting with The Block Party Girls(otherwise known as therapy). You can see Tracey's new posts by clicking on the highlighted words or the link on the side of blogs I like. We had a surprise visit from a local man who came to do some work at the church we sew at. He thought we needed some background music so he sat at the piano and started to play. Before you know it, he was taking requests. Was an interesting change of pace and everyone got their share of sanity saving councilling for another two weeks.

 I decided it was time to tackle that scrap bin that has been overflowing for some time. I have even had the patten I had in mind from the quilt magazine, open and ready for a couple of months now. So the bin went from this.....

To this!!

My neat piles of squares to .....

completed blocks. Only another 40 to go. This makes a great pattern to use up scraps.

And with the cold, wet wind in the air, it makes for a perfect day to sew at my sunny window! Winny likes it on the hot side. Winny is a story in herself. I will have do a post on "The life of Winny". Most people have a cattle dog.... I have a cattle kitty!! Look at the picture of the gate (the top left) . There she is again.Watch for her upcoming feature...


Christa and Winny

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