Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Story of Winny

Wyatt catching his shadow

It started with 5 little kitties and a neighbor who asked if I would take them.  Their mother was killed and they were only 3 weeks old. So I loaded them in a box and brought them home, telling the neighbor there would be parental support involved in this agreement. They were cold, wet and hungry. Three of them didn't even make the first week.

 So then there were two.

For weeks, I fed these two kittens, Winny and Wyatt. Even through the night, with an eye dropper til they could eat solid food. Before you know it, they were doing very well. They were such great entertainment for Dawson(the dog in the video babysitting) and us. Brought us alot of smiles. Wyatt always wanted to snuggle and purred if you looked at him. He was not the smartest cat in the bunch. He just wanted to be loved. But you could tell Winny was going to be a handful. She was mischievous and going to be able to handle herself.

Wyatt had a mishap one day and was run over. Such a sad day.

So then there was one. Winny.

 I have become EXTRA protective of her, always making sure she is safe. Now that she is almost a year, she has really come into her own. The problem is- she doesn't seem to know if she is a cat, dog or person.
She has been raised with 5 dogs(yes..that's another story) and two people. She checks cows with me, plays with Dawson like another dog, and hangs with all the dogs like she is part of the pack. She is EVERYWHERE we are. She posed for this photo while I was feeding Starvin' Marvin', our bottle fed calf who is a twin and needs a little extra each day.

This is my first attempt to try to add video to my blog. I have had this recording on my phone for some time and whenever I need a smile, I watch it. As I said, Wyatt was not the smartest but he sure loved the simple things in life. That has been my approach to life this year. Please excuse the audio and let me know if it works!! Hope it makes you smile inside!!

Since the eggs are picked, the calf is fed and the cows are bedded, I am off to work on my Fabric Fusion quilt for the afternoon!! Hope the sun shines in your world today!!

Christa (&Winny...sure to be featured again someday soon)

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  1. That's the quilt that I thought that I could do for the nickel quilt if we never find the books. One day we will have a cat or two around here, but first we have to get some trees that are big enough for them to climb when escaping our dogs!


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