Monday, May 28, 2012

Dragonfly Day


B day gift from Noelle

Our quilt group recently dicussed how a blog had featured story about how packaging of fabric your receive in the mail makes such a difference.

 When 'packaged' well, it feels like such a gift.

A gift you bought yourself but none the less, a gift!

My girlfriend recently came back from a trip to Europe.

For my birthday, she sent over this beautiful bag filled with....
not crystal.
Something more special than that!

Three of my favorite things!

I love purple tulips(this one from Holland), dragonflies, and making soap.

I have looked at buying the dancing dragonfly book a couple of times but never bit the bullet.
Thanks Terry!!
We truly do know each other!!

My daughter gave me this pretty package.

What a cute way to present a piece of jewelry.

So it definately was a 'dragonfly' filled day.

Cake, mojitos, family and freinds were all enjoyed.

I even fit in some stitching and sewing!!!

Thanks for all the B day wishes and gifts!!


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