Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Room with the View

I was asked for some pictures of what I can see from my 'room with a view'.

I can see Justin's CSA garden grow all year...

My front yard..

I can see my neighbour's crop grow all year....


Soon this field will be green......

These are the elevators in our town which is 5 miles from my house!

Pretty much as far as the eye can see.

My back yard....

I have some serious grass to cut today!!

 Tracey,Soon your yard will look green,too!!

My indoor garden is almost in full bloom.

 A few more evenings!!

 I think I am hooked!

 Already asked my girlfeind for her 'Over the river, and through the woods' pattern.

We were also able to get together and quilt yesterday. There were a whole bunch of great quilts to showcase!!
This was CHRISTINE Marcotte's latest - I just love all the fancy stitching and colors!

Great job, Chris!!

Be sure to check out The Block Party Blog as Tracey will have the pictures from our day!!

Now I am out to enjoy the sun and drag through the mud!!

Super sunny skies,



  1. Last summer Bob and I went to 5 state fairs and every single one of them had at least one "over the river and through the woods" quilt. It's a great pattern.

  2. My aunt also did it and there was a great rendition of it in Glendive in non traditional colors that was gorgeous!!

  3. What were the non-traditional colors? All the ones I saw were monochromatic: some black, some blue.

    1. Check out the quilt on Tracey's blog - http://theblockpartyguild.blogspot.ca/2012_04_01_archive.html
      It was in greens, pinks, and browns.The picture does not do it justice!

  4. Your stitching is beautiful...and I want your yard instead of mine.

  5. colleen is testing this again


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