Monday, July 16, 2012

Organic Field Day

Joy and Gary Steinke were kind enough to host an organic field day on Saturday, July 14th, 2012.

They farm north of Outram, Saskatchewan and have amazing crops growing this year.

Organic Bearded Wheat field
With these kind of crops I would be proud to show them off, too!

Organic wheat

The Steinkes are certified with OCIA and invited us to their tour even though we are certified by Procert.

We have been friends and partners in crime( for some years now and share what has worked ....and not worked... for us in our experiences with organic farming.

Organic Rye field
This year is looking like they have done everything right!!
They will be busy combining in a couple of weeks starting with this incredible field of rye.

Joy and I have always had a running joke through our farming days about how high is your crop.

She always says it's 'boob' high.

I always say is that WITH or WITHOUT a bra on?

Well, look at the height of  your crop this year, Joy!!

It 'boob' high on perky boobs with NO bra on!!

Joy's husband Gary(left) and my husband, Arnold(right)

We had a yummy BBQ and for dessert, Justin and I made a cherry cobbler with our cherries.

It was a first time for using my new stove, using our cherries, first pitting experience and making cobbler.

The pitting alone was an experience. It was like we had been on a battle field.

Good thing we did it on the deck and not in my house!

It was a hit.

Everyone thought it was delic


there were a few missed pits.

We may have to have everyone sign a disclaimer next time if they are going to attempt to have a piece of our pies!
All in all, it was lots of laughs and a bit of rain.

A great time was had by all.

Thanks, Joy and Gary!!



  1. We have a 'pit' rule. If you get the piece of dessert with the pit, it means you get seconds!
    Thanks for the farm tour.
    The crops in OHIO are very sad. Some farmers have plowed their crops under. The drought has hit us hard. The corn field across usually has stalks 12 to 13 feet high. I doubt they are even 6 feet this year. The ears are starting to form with no rain in the forcast.
    Please continue to show me your beautiful farm with all the greenery.

  2. Mother nature can be a tough cookie!!! Last year we did not get to seed a crop as we had 18 inches of rain in may. You have to be a pillar of eternal hope to be a farmer. It's always 'next year' country. I feel for your farmers.


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