Thursday, July 19, 2012


With this extreme heat, we have had some incredible skies.

Thank goodness- not too many storms so far!!

I have been seeing alot of red these days.... the form of cherries,cherries and more cherries.

I have to thank Maryann, Jane, Colleen, Terry, Breanna, Annette and family, Mom, and my husband and kids for helping all this week with picking.

If this is any indication of the volume we will have in the future we are definately going to have to start a u-pick it!!

While my niece, Breanna was with us, I showed her how to do Zentangles.

I am no pro at this but find it to be quite creative and very portable.

There are no wrong moves.

You just start with a simple drawing of something and then start to fill in with repetative patterns of your choosing.

There are some great samples of patterns for Zentangles online if you need inspiration.

Before you know it, you will be amazed what you can come up with!!

Remember!! There are NO WRONG moves.

You are the controller of your outcome (as is everything is life).

All you need is a fine tipped sharpie and a pad of paper!!

Give it a try....

Find the artist inside yourself!

Besides what else are you going to do in this heat??


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