Thursday, August 30, 2012

Done....Just saying!!

Harvest...that is!
When this monster showed up, it made quick work of the last of harvest!!

My son, Justin is a salesman for the local New Holland dealer and was demo-ing in the area.

He needed to give it a try before to going customers, so he peeled off 20 acres in 30 minutes for me.

Much appreciated!

You can hardly see my (new-to-me) combine behind this beast.

 However, that combine is $400,000 where as mine was a mere $4,000.

Not even the interest for a year on that combine!!

Mine was a steal of a deal!!

With that price difference, I can buy a lot of fabric..
 alot of everything!!

So the samples of grain are in the mail and the marketing begins.

On a different note -

Arnold brought chinese food for supper last night and I got two fortunes in my cookie.

My take on this?

Yes  - that cruise in January is going to be AWESOME


I am right when I keep telling Arnold that his life is pretty darn good!!

I thought...oh they are all positive messages.

So I read Arnold's........

Too funny!!

I think I got the right cookie!!

Still giggling...


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Towards the Middle

This is a prime example why it is good to take a picture of your work and have a good look!!

I see that my tree needs some pruning...

 or should I say needs to grow some more leaves!!

This is my version of the Don't Look Now by Lilly Pilly .

I am using In The Beginning by Jason Yenter.

Our Martini Time is coming right along.

This Apple-Tini  is by Christine Marcotte.

Love the apple slice!

This is one arrived in the mail yesterday.

Our ghost member of our group
- Shelby Love -
 asked if she could participate and sent some extra limes if anyone needs one for their drink!!

 Shelby and her group from Regina,Saskatchewan are always keeping us in mind with donations of fabric,books, and anything else they think we could use.

Shelby came with us to International Quilt Festival in Chicago in 2011.
We did not know her well but it turned out to be the start of a great friendship.

One day at quilting, we were discussing what to do about some problem when one of the girls who has never met Shelby said 'What would Shelby do?'

Thus the Ghost Member - She is not at our gatherings in person but always there in spirit!!

Thanks for the great work on the Martinis!!

Cheers ~ Christa

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Simple Life

You know you have been in the tractor too long when you look forward to vacuuming!

The wheat and barley are in the bin.

Just flax left to swathe and combine.

My husband is home today so he is swathing for me.

This has given my an opportunity to bake some bread,

 do some laundry and make my bed...

which quite frankly...

I could crawl into right now!!

There is just something about a made bed that make your feel like your life is organized.

That and...

the sound of the dishwasher,washer and dryer running all at the same time!!

How blessed are we to be women of the 20th century.

With that said -

the timer is announcing my buns are ready for some peanut butter!!

Got to go and enjoy the rest of my day!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Martini Time

I recently asked my guild to make a block from this Martini pattern so I thought I better try it out myself.

So yesterday - before swathing- I whipped this rendition up!

Martini glass...parasol extra

We are doing a special project that will come together in the next month or so.

Right in the middle of harvest, too!!

Watch for details...

And with all this dust in the air, we are all thinking a martini right now sounds refreshing!!

My husband has been on call all week so has not been able to help much so I sent him this picture yesterday so he could see what the crop was looking like.

And perfect harvest skies to boot!!

He texted back 'Beautiful Wheat'

I replied - I bet you say that to all the girl!!

It really is a nice crop considering how dry it has been.
Look at the dust....
What a switch up from last years flooding!!

These are for Shelby... an armchair ridealong..

So from the field to truck.... bin!!

Fill 'er up!!

Another day...some more dust....hope for no breakdowns!!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Well, Duracell and Dawson are getting along great.

Dawson has been very patient with the attacks from this frisky newcomer!

They are pretty cute together.

Winny also had her kitties.

Six little holstiens all doing well!

Combining has begun so this is what I will be looking at again today!!

I think I need to put a barn quilt on the front of that.

Give that deer some thing to jump over!

So until the sun sets, I will be looking for the truck!!

Here's hoping for a breakdown-free day...

it's the little things in life.


ps. Really..I know you are partial to Kansas Troubles.....
Does Sabe need a talking to?
(just kidding!!)
Tracey's blog -worth a look!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Race Is On!

It's Swathing Time!

Swathing Barley

It is an average crop but better than NO crop like last year! 

Justin's Gladiolas are in full bloom and being used at the local floral shop.

My sister, Tannis and her daughters came for a quick visit from Calgary, Alberta.

 We did get away to Minot, ND yesterday....

Forgot the  passports


the US Border Agents were kind enough to let us through with just i.d..

I made a quick stop at Prairie Rose Quilt Shop where I DID NOT need to purchase the following items.

But could not resist...

Thought I would make an Ipad case with this pattern.

I have tried Atkinson Designs before and was not impressed
will give it another try.....last chance! 

Who can resist some bright Halloween prints with some deep black!

On the Winter Wonderland front....

Snow Angel is nearly complete.

With all the combining dust in the air, the sunsets have been amazing.

These pinks and purples are so stunning.

But it also means the days are getting shorter.

So it's back to 'reel' time for me today.

Thanks for swathing for me, Justin!!

Greatly appreciated!!

Mom a.k.a Christa

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Barbeques and Baseball Games

The Cossette family reunion...

Baseball games

Face painting.. that's a holstein cow...

Hayrides to the old homestead....

Meals as a big family in the newly renovated milking shop.

That should explain the cow face painting!

Irene,Bob,Anton,Raymond, and Marie

Charles and Emma Cossette started this farm in 1943.

Their sons Raymond, Anton and Bob carried on with the operation for years till they passed it on to Raymond's son, Randy. 

But at last,
 2011 was Esta Holsteins dairy's final year. 

With farm labour so difficult to find and the work so long and hard, it was decided to sell the cows and quota.

An end to an era but a new beginning for Randy and Penny Cossette.

Randy has remodeled the Milking parlour into an amazing shop which he was kind enough to allow us the use of  for the family reunion.

 They thought of everything!!

And I do mean everything!

A great time was had by all!!
Thank you for a great weekend!!


On this farm,

behind this gate...

 is a secret garden.

This incredible creation is the work of Bob and Carol Cossette.

 An amazing oasis right in the middle of the farm.

Between plants and pond, there are little treasures everywhere.

From rose gardens....

 to a Bell from Texas...

Gardens galore...

A sunny spot to rock....

And a fire pit....

Amazing hydrangeas...

To my favorite spot....

Are we in Saskatchewan??

Who needs to go on a vacation with a backyard like this.

All I can say is INCREDIBLE!!

Thank you, to Bob and Carol Cossette for the tour.

May I suggest a career in Landscaping now that you have alittle time on your hands?

Totally in awe...Christa