Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Well, Duracell and Dawson are getting along great.

Dawson has been very patient with the attacks from this frisky newcomer!

They are pretty cute together.

Winny also had her kitties.

Six little holstiens all doing well!

Combining has begun so this is what I will be looking at again today!!

I think I need to put a barn quilt on the front of that.

Give that deer some thing to jump over!

So until the sun sets, I will be looking for the truck!!

Here's hoping for a breakdown-free day...

it's the little things in life.


ps. Tracey...red?? Really..I know you are partial to Kansas Troubles.....
Does Sabe need a talking to?
(just kidding!!)
Tracey's blog -worth a look!!

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