Sunday, September 30, 2012

'Bouncing' Right Along

My version of Miss Rosie's 'Bounce' is coming together.

Might even have it quilted before the November 1 deadline!!

It was interesting when I showed a friend this fabric, Cuzco by Kate Spain for Moda.

My freind has been to Cuzco, Peru. 

She showed me her pictures of the festival in Cuzco and how their dresses were in these colors. 

I should be able to get the border finished today.

Start your engines.....


Friday, September 28, 2012

Homeward Stretch...

While on our trip to Grande Prairie,

I made some good progress on Winter Wonderland

Kind of scary that it won't be long before we can actually have a snowball fight!!

Can you believe it?

 Only 87 days till Christmas....


I better getting going on some projects!!

Only one more panel left to stitch and then blocks to make!

Bonnie McTaggart called to let our guild know that they are having an event.

The Weyburn Crocus Quilt Guild is having trunk show with Anna Hergert on October 27th,2012 at the United Church in Weyburn at 7:00.

Anna does amazing work.

Just click on her name above to see some of her artistry.

Cost is 10$/person and tickets can be purchased at the door.

Hope to see everyone at the class with Mary tomorrow!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012


As I begin this post,

I run the risk of looking like the 'crazy cat lady'


I assure you - it is a much broader craziness than cats.

After all, I or rather...


as I am not responsible for all the craziness -

have 5 dogs, 2 horses, 2 guineas, and a bunch of cows

Chantel is responsible for bringing this one to the farm...

But I don't think Dawson minds!

They have become the best of friends!!

And Winny.....

a neighbour 'asked' me to do him a favour..

One year later, that has multiplied by 6.

I think some parental support is required in this acquisition!

It was moving day for these kittens yesterday.

Winny has been catching birds for them and my garage looks like a pillow exploded!

So this bucket of love was relocated to the chicken coop!

They seem to be adapting well...

especially the little guy snoozing in the middle with his legs all stretched out.

I think the guy on the left should be named Ernie.. like on Sesame Street...look at that nose!

So in conclusion...

if you have an animal that needs help or nursed back to health...


This humane society is full!!



Thursday, September 20, 2012

Alberta Bound...Saskatchewan Home


As my previous post noted- we had a flat!


A tire was had and we made it back!!
It is always good to go because it sure makes home feel great!

As I unpack this morning, I was checking out the great postcards

....aka.... fabric...

that I purchased on our adventures.

We spent the day in Beaverlodge, Alberta.

Spent the day here....

Looks pretty low key...

but then

 there was an explosion of color!!

We saw these..

and these....

and these....

It just kept going on and on!!

It was an incredible display of finished quilts.

This one was appliques and then beaded to take it up another notch!

Each month they have a local feature quilter who fills the walls in their classroom.

Maria McNair was 'Quilter of the Month' for September.

The next two photos are some of hers.

Love the Storm at Sea effect of this one

There was something for every taste.

Amazing batiks!

My pictures do not give justice to the stitching !

We stopped for lunch at Soups in Beaverlodge.

It is all homemade and was delicious!

Back in the City of Grande Prairie, we stopped at Cotton Candy Quilt Store.

Also an amazing store!

Lots of great samples and selection.

Even a rendition of Winter Wonderland but in blue!

Made me want to go home and get started on my red blocks.

Soon.... retreat is coming!!

I was glad to finally get my hands of some Vintage Modern and couldn't resist some Merry Medley.

It think  Merry Medley will look great as my Chip by Miss Rosie.

And who knew?

Stonehenge now makes a line called Oh Canada so I had to have some of that!!

Finally the right reds and maple leaves!

I have to give great admiration to Grande Praire Fabricland.

It was so bright, clean and well organized.  I had to go there twice as it was so amazing.

Thanks to Aunty Mary, Ellen, and Colette for all the touring while in Grande Prairie.

It was alot of fun!!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Grande Prairie Bound ...and trapped

Well, I have been away since Friday. We are in Grande Prairie, Alberta visiting with family. All was good and well..... Till the flat tire! Then things got complicated! Can you believe that there is not a tire in all of grande prairie that fits this car? A city of 55000 people....not one! So we are waiting for a tire to come from Edmonton some time today. Lets hope the tire fairy shows up some time today!! Christa

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Farmer's wife ... The Quilt

I started this project January,2011.

I used the scraps from my Pumkins and Spice by Red Rooster quilt.

I have had it ready for my longarmer for some time


 there was a hold up.

This little selvage edge.

I LOVE selvage...

to me, it is the 'history' part of fabric.

So in all my quilts, I leave a piece of history.

So it was suggested to remove it.

I really contemplating it but I put it in because it is 'ME'.


after I made my's staying in....

I finally quilted it this week.


DO NOT mistaken ANY of this poorly stitched quilt as Terry Whitman's handy work.



she had no involvement...


 will probably scold me for not letting her 

put her AMAZING talent on it.

But I felt I only learn by doing......

 So I did on my sewing machine!!

And someone else got alot more enjoyment from binding this one than I did!

Namely.... Duracell!!

Tried and tested by Inspector Duracell again.

On the corral front,

there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

This thing is going to hold elephants!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Little of This and Alot of THAT

Well, It is Sunday.....
a day of rest.....
But of course not for me.

None of this......just a sneak peak.....

Which I am ALMOST done my Farmer's Wife!!


Some quiet stitching while Arnold watches the football game....

Only three Winter Wonderland blocks left to stitch.....


a little snuggling with Duracell....

....caught him snoozing!!


none of that for me today!!

It's alot of this.....

Do those new posts look light to you???

And alot of that!!

Rebuilding corrals today.....

and .....

probably the rest of the week!

Winter really doesn't look that bad right now!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kudos to Miss Rosie Quilt Co.

I completely understand Tracey's love of Schnibbles and all things Miss Rosie!!

I highly recommend Miss Rosie Quilt Co. Patterns.

They are VERY well written with instruction for all different cuts of fabric and are very easy to follow.

22 blocks in literally no time!
The trickiest part has been working with the 'white on white' fabric to get the right side!!

I purchased one of Miss Rosie's Little Bites pattern - Chip, last week and can't wait to give it a try!!

Little Bites are made with charm packs or 2 1/2" squares and are only about 24" quilts.

Heading for the border(of my quilt,that is)!!