Monday, December 10, 2012

Easy Street Week 2

This is what my 'street' is looking like these days!!

It's calling for a pair of skates.

It's been a busy week.

It was Arnold's Christmas party in Regina, got a peck of new cows to add to the herd and a stop by Colleen's for cookie tasting(which were mighty fine I must say) and tea.

 All in all, it was a good week.

Even though it is really Part 3 on Easy Street...

I have managed to finish Part 2 and Colleen is working on her's.

This package arrived on Friday and is just in time for Part 3!!

 Maybe we will  be ready for Part 4 on Friday!!!

Trust me.. there is hope in the world!!

In Colleen's usual style, I received the grey we are using.

Too cute to use!!

The stacks are mounting and the 4 patches are coming!!

Our quilts are going to look very much the same as we are swapping fabrics for this project.

And since it is Christmas....and I was ordering anyways....

'Santa' thought I should have some Lecien Winterkist by Monica Solorio.

I see some little pouches in the future of this fabric.

I guess time will tell!!



  1. I just love how your street looks! I know, I must be crazy, but I love winter and all it has to offer. Here in Ohio, we have had mild temps. Today we had a thunderstorm and lots and lots of rain. Oh how I wish it were snow!!!
    I don't want snow over the holidays because my children are flying in from CA & TX. After they arrive back home safely, it can cut loose.
    New cows are always nice! There has been a rash of cattle rustling(?) around here lately. The farmer I get my beef from had 16 cattle stolen :(
    I am happy you are posting your steps as you get them done. I didn't participate in this mystery so it is nice to see how it is coming together.

    1. Thanks Miss Carol... And don't ever stop running!!! You can do it!!I hope no one rustles up my cows ever!!

  2. How many cows are in a peck of new cows? You sure sound like you are busy! Your road looks like it is every icy! That sure makes me want to stay inside. I live in Colorado, but we don't have many days where the roads look like that. You look like you are doing just fine on Easy Street! Happy sewing :-)

    1. This peck was 20 new cows. It has been super icy wth all this rain and snow!! It doesn't usually rain in November or December but it seems like there is crazy weather everywhere these days!! I have some catching up to do on easy street, that's for sure!!

  3. After the ice that first weekend in December, someone posted a photo on FB of people ice skating on the main street of Glen Avon. You are barreling along on your project while I am content to get 8 pairs of potholders done for Christmas.

  4. I wouldn't say barreling. I am only done one step of three and the fourth is soon!!! Need to make some headway this week!! I keep missing you to get the miss pattern from you!!

  5. Doesn't Santa have good taste ...

    1. Doesn't he?? Keeps up on all the latest and greatest!!

  6. Your patches look fantastic. Clue 4 is nearly here – woo hoo!

    1. Thanks,Sandy!! I just finished part 3 last night so I am ready for part 4!!Yah!!


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