Monday, January 28, 2013

Miami Vice

The weather is warm.

This is our second time to Miami in 2 years.

Our first trip we did not feel safe but decided to give it another chance yesterday since we are trapped due to flights all messed up

So we went to the hip nd happening bayside market.  

I love this outdoor shopping area.

But the road to getting there involves a shuttle, tram and subway.

As Terry Whitman can attest to...
People tell me their life story.
I am ok with that as people having amazing life stories to tell.

Like the couple From Germany who asked for some help to navigate through this massive city 

But the creepy toothless guy on the tram who kept trying to get my attention?

I avoided all eye contact as I could tell he wanted to talk to me.

I felt bad for the guy but I could tell this is not a story I wanted to hear.

But after about ten minutes of him squirming to get me to look at him,

He just started speaking to me.  

I kept the conversation brief and to the point and could not wait for the doors to open so we could get out of there.

I kept thinking about my horses and keeping my head held high.
You're not have the power.

My day to day life is so simple and safe that it is strange to be in situations the involve this foreign feeling of  'danger'.

I sometime wonder.. Why me?

Do I look like I might be able to help you or is there a reason I need to know?

Do I look like I could help you?

One time I was filling my car and a girl came over and asked me if she should go to herbal magic or Charlies weight loss?

Really? With this body?

I am the cover girl for Godiva or Lindt!!

Oh well... There is never a dull day in my life! 

Today our adventures take us to Georgia, Minnesota, North Dakota, and hopefully home.

Let's see what kind of stories I hear today!!

Happy trails to me


Ps. Blogging from my iPad is tricky...please overlook the mess.


  1. I picture you on a New York subway. Want to come with us in April so I can watch the New Yorkers chatting with you!

    1. I think it would be a blast to go with such a seasoned traveller as you know New York and all its little secrets!! Is it warm and GREEN in April?


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