Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sunny Days

Today was as a good day as any,
 to have to fix the hydraulics on the tractor.

All was going well till the cable snapped.

Don't you just love my little crescent wrench...woman size.

The sun was shining and I had LOTS of help!!

Best place to be(other than on the sunny couch)was inside the sunny warm cab.

If only these animals had hands....

Then Winny thought she ought to check out what I was up to.

But the sun was feeling too good and a nap was in order!!

I did manage to get a good start on my 1st Scrap Squad quilt for Quiltmaker Magazine.

I decided to do mine in flannels.

There's a little bird...
namely Micheala... 
who is squaking already about making her bed with this quilt!

Some of these are Holly Taylor Flannels.

 I had forgotten how nice they are to work with.

It is coming along nicely!!!

Thank you for all the kind words regarding my Uncle's passing.

While in Winnipeg,Manitoba,

 my son,Justin and I made amazing use of the short time we had!!

A quick stop at this quilt shop...

I managed to get out there with..... NOTHING!!

I know....I can hardly believe it myself.

Winnipeg has an incredible mix of old and new buildings.

Everything is intertwined to make for the most interesting backdrop.

I love the detail in all the buildings.

Reminds me of Chicago.

The new skyscrapers are mingled among the old.

We made a quick stop at The Forks.

If you ever get the chance, it is so worth your time!!

In the parkade stairs, the frost was so lacy and pretty.

I haven't seen frost like this since we put new windows in the house!!

The Forks consists of eclectic and unique shops selling every and anything you can think of!

So much to see and so little time!!

The construction of this new building was on the site of the Forks.

It was massive and we weren't able to find out what it is going to be. 

Looks like an alien ship has touched down!!

We squished in a stop at the newly opened IKEA and packed the car with a new table(that's not a typo), lighting, rails and panels for a closet and other can't-live-without items.

We didn't have room for another thing and joked about what if we have a flat tire?

We would have to unload the entire car to get the spare!!!

On the way there AND the way home, 
we stopped at Lady of the Lake in Brandon for a bite to eat.

This is such a cute store filled with vintage and new furniture and decorating things.

We purchased a couple of vintage egg baskets and a new purse.....

Squished them in the car!!!

The food at The Lady is homemade and delicious.

Manitoba has such a rich history and a totally different mind set than Saskatchewan.

We think it is a great place to visit.

I smell Chantel's birthday cake.... It must be done!!

26 Candles!!!

Are you ever too old for birthday bumps??



  1. The building is the Canadian Museum of Human Rights. It's going to be amazing and the hope is that the architecture will make it as iconic as the Sydney Opera House, the Eiffel Tower, and the Statue of Liberty. The hope is it will be known around the world and will be a destination stop for people from all countries. It's the first national museum to be build outside of Ottawa.

    1. Thanks Brenda!! It is a massive and impressive building. It will definitely be something to go see when it is finished!

  2. Winnipeg offers a couple of walking tours of the old downtown area in the summer. It's interesting to get some history of the area, the stories and explanation of the architecture.
    To check off a bucket list item I went skating on the river at the Forks last winter. Wpg is more accessable than the Rideau Canal for me. There are warming huts along the river skating path that are designed by various architects. It's like going skating with little pieces of art along the way.http://www.warminghuts.com/

    1. Winnipeg is amazing. We just love going there. As soon as you cross the border, it feels rich with history and culture. That would be amazing to skate the river!Thanks for the link!!


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