Monday, February 4, 2013

3rd Annual Block Party Retreat

Just home from 2 weeks in Florida
 it was time to pack up for Retreat in Kenossee,Saskatchewan.

No complaining here!!

So I was packing up my Bonnie Hunter Blocks to take when I noticed a lump.....

And look who was hiding!!

I was looking for a 'Woody' when we were at DisneyWorld but didn't find one.
(minds out of the gutters,people!!)

But my son,Justin did
Woody was trying to smuggle to Retreat even though we were FULL!!

Then I noticed that Woody was defective!!

He must have had polio as a child!!

I felt sorry for him and let him come to retreat to be part of the fun!!

Then I got a text from Justin

 telling me to check my sewing bag to see who else had smuggled in...

It was Minnie!!

So we were all set to have a good time and get down to sewing!!

It wasn't long before quilts were being laid out to be sewn up.

We sewed each day till the dinner bell rang for each meal.

We ate like piggies thanks to Shelley Slykhuis and her cooking!!

 We had a show and tell of our quilts on Saturday afternoon.

This was one of Dot Lawrence's she worked on at retreat.

Dot's string quilt.....

Heather Piermantier did this calender quilt

  and also finished putting together her shadow box quilt

She also brought  this HST quilt  

Jane Marcotte fashioned one of the vests she made from the donations from the Regina girls.

It goes quite well with Jane's jammies!!

Getting dressed was optional at our retreat!!

Lori Loewen made this cool beach towel with terrycloth on the back which I will definitely be making!!

as well as a kit
 she had purchased
 from Prairie Rose Quilts in Minot, North Dakota

Shelby Love brought her Cottages ready to go to Terry Whitman's to be quilted

It was just like an English Garden!!

Terry Whitman has some bags up her sleeve!

This one was a pattern from Jenny Beyers site.

Terry also finished her Irish chain.........

With a bonus quilt on the back!!

Tracey did an amazing job on this baby quilt.

We also had two surprise visitors...

Maryann Whitman and Sharon Armstrong.

This gave us an opportunity to present the Martini Time quilt we had made for Sharon.

I think she was quite surprised!!

All good things must come to an end so we packed up and headed back home.
(plus we were exhausted from a couple of LATE nights!)

A good time was had by all.

 Lots of laughs and great conversation.

I came home to a nice surprise anniversary supper made by Arnold. 

It was our 28th anniversary on February 2,2013
Arnold had this cute box waiting for me.

It had a little nesting box inside.

Thanks for the surprise,Arnold!!

I will link up to Tracey's blog when she gets a chance to post.

Tracey has some great pictures of our fabulous weekend.

Now I am going to have a nap!!


  1. I can see why you needed a nap ... globe trotting and retreating all in the same week! Looks like all of you had a blast.


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