Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Cleaning

After reading Tracey's post over at The Block Party Guild,

I felt compelled to deal with my catch bin of scraps.

Maybe with a LITTLE spring cleaning...it will come faster!

From flowing over to...

Almost empty.

WHY do I keep the tiny scraps I do!!

I cut what I could for another Fabric Fusion as I loved the last one I made.

And with a little 'LOST' on the Ipad this mindless task went quickly!!

Not sure why it's red...possessed perhaps???

Before you know...

I had neat little pile of charm/block squares ready to be bagged for next quilting retreat!

With a clean mind and sewing room I started on my next hand project.

With the use of my extension table, Ottlight, and Fabric Fusion pen...

I got down to business and traced out...

the start of a new Christmas quilt!!

I have visions of Blues and Silvers dancing in my head for this one!

I know I should really concur with Shirley Pederson on this as she had incredible taste!!

Something in Stonehenge Silvery White

with a little Moonrise Starry Night!!

Begin in the snow...and end in the snow!!



  1. I had forgotten about that fabric fusion pattern. i like it as well and now I must go and dig out the pattern. Thanks for the memory prompt.

  2. I love Crab-apple Hill patterns! Those fabrics are yummy too. :)

  3. Doesn't the pattern come with a transfer for the embroidery? Weird.

  4. The last Crab-apple was the same!! Makes for some work but oh well..worth it in the end!!


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