Saturday, May 4, 2013

My New Little Baby.....

No...I am not a grandma yet!!!
A couple more weeks for that!!
This little baby...My Crank Sewing Machine!!

My dad always said I could have what ever I want.
It may not come today, next week, a month from now....
 if you really desired it,
 you would find that eventually the stars all line up and you make it happen.
Today was one of those days for me.
I just didn't know it would be only a week later!!
Last week in Glendive, Montana
 Colleen and I checked out this little machines at the Makoshika Quilt Show.
I spent a fair amount of time learning about these interesting and beautiful works of art.
I decided that day I was going to own one someday.
Is this the Power of 'the Secret' at work?
Did I set my own path in DECIDING to make this happen?
I don't know but I am elated!!
My sister picked it up for me (I found it on the internet)
she was in love with it's cuteness and doesn't even sew!!

She said I am one lucky girl to be the new owner of this vintage 1880's Expert B machine.
Made for the T. Eaton Company in Toronto and Winnipeg.
Don't know what the Expert B part means but I love it!!

They just don't make things with style and finesse anymore.
Oh... the stories this little machine could tell if she could talk!!
(I KNOW it's a little girl)

The styles and fabrics that have passed through her life....
The hands that have turned that handle to make her engine rev!!
I can't wait to bring her home!!


  1. Looks pretty nice. I can't wait to see it!

  2. Does she have a name yet? I imagine she'll have an old fashioned name like Penelope or Cordelia.

  3. Glad it came true for you, it must be quite old. Imagine cranking to sew! lol

  4. What a great find! Congratulations!

  5. My Grandma Haaland had a sewing machine that cranked. My mother sewed some of my baby clothes on that machine and my sister is the proud owner of it now.

  6. I love wondering about something's past. Or the past of a square foot in a house. It could be so interesting!


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