Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 3.....

KILL ....ME.....NOW......
(no music to insert)

In Saskatchewan, 
we have a wind chill that makes -5 seem like -50C...

In New York City,
The humidity makes +35C feel like +45C.

I swear we melted today!! 

We still trucked around this city doing all we could think of but HOLY was it hot.

We cabbed it,ferried it, subwayed it, bused it and walked a hundred blocks.

I can't seem to get my pictures on so those will have to wait till next week.

I think a leisurely ride in Central Park is called for tomorrow.

Going to melt into my bed...


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  1. Justin, I hope you read your mom's blog including comments. I've tried finding a phone number for you ... even tried to find you on FB ... just to many Justin Marcottes. I'm sure you figured out we don't have enough coming to the show for you to create a lunch, but wanted to let you know. I guess it being the long weekend has something to do with it.


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