Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Whole Lot of Gridding Going On

I think we are ready....Bring on the cement!!
I spent the day tying rebar...
Much like tying a quilt and just as hard on the fingertips!
This is going to look amazing in 'grey'!!

Justin and I resurrected with this vintage JD 11 sickle mower
Not sure what year it is but it's got to be 40 or 50 years old
This is how they used to cut hay...7' at a time!!
I thought 18' was too small!!!
It's a little newer than this one.. but not by much!!

Antique John Deere Sickle Mowers ( Mowers )
The only thing that has changed is the horsepower pulling it!!
Then it was off for a fast trip to Minot, ND.....
I'll take the 2 1/2 hour drive for the rest from working!!
The only stops in Minot were John Deere and Menards....

But the real excitement started on the way home....

Friends texted saying that we were getting a storm at home...

We were greeted with some scary clouds on our way back!!
A Louisiana man at this gas station stated how he hadn't had this many storms back home!

The clouds were screaming 'We aren't in Kansas anymore'
There were no warnings of tornados but I think this one was close!!

I think it's time for some sunshine and summer time!!


  1. Wow! Those clouds are scary!! Glad no tornados! Can't wait to see the concrete :)

  2. We had a few near tornadoes, sending us to the basement bathroom for half an hour. I'm feeling pretty good except for loss of energy. My kids drop in frequently to keep my chores done. I'm happy that my things got to the show, although a few were missed. Thank Justin for giving the tours. He was very good to help Kara pack up. Keep them coming. Your busy days remind me of me back in the good old days. Irene


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