Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Brother Scan and Cut

What a difference a day makes!!
Today, it is pouring rain...
we need it....
We did not have any snow to speak of this year
Yesterday was100m/h winds,
 making my neighbor's field look like the Dirty Thirties all over again!!

It is probably loving the rain today!!

Since the sun was shining yesterday,
 Maryann and I decided we would attempt a maiden voyage
kayak for the first time this year.
 The wind gave us quite the workout....

as we paddled the creek against the wind!!!

There were some choppy waters but it was a good time none the less!!!

There were tons of turtles sunning themselves on the banks....
Who needs to go to a gym!!!
Recently, our guild purchased a Brother Scan and Cut
which a couple of us tried to figure out the other day.
I have to say the instructions are pretty vague
I think we got the gist of it!!


Can't say it went smoothly...We are going to need some new mats!!
But after getting the settings right,
 we managed to feed in some fabric...

and get a slashed up piece that resulted in ....

Happy Birthday....

.... CHEER and a couple of shapes.
I think it will be a good investment once we refine the procedures!!

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  1. The rain is headed here tomorrow. The rivers are already full! Summer will be here before we know it. I am excited to get something planted in the garden. I think this year I need to plant lots of green beans since I only have 3 pints left. I am thinking tomatoes too!
    I did not know Brother had a Scan and Cut. It looks like it would be fun to play with. I assume it is like an Accuquilt, but electric and programmable.
    Have fun once you get it all figured out :)


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