Monday, May 19, 2014

36 in 24.....

This one is for Brenda...
Brenda wanted to move to Torquay
as she thinks there are 36 hours in a Torquay day!!
She can't believe how much our group gets done all the time...
Multitasking is the key BUT I don't recommend it...
Here was my Saturday...
 Eat while reading Blogs/emails
Sew up Bear Creek Row Robin 
 attach to quilt while watching Good Wife on Netflix
Ready to be mailed out...

Row 5 already!!
Head to field, take Arnold's place and start seeding

Dawson back on Bunny Watch...
Justin takes my place.
Do some gardening,help Arnold fix harrows and get him off,
 hang clothes since I have had NO DRYER for 6 WEEKS NOW!!!
(I am reeeeaalllly starting to hate SEARS!!! Whole other post...)
Throw chicken legs into oven for supper, clean the house a bit

Head back to the field, fill discers again, change fields and take Justin's place
Chicken legs!!!
Text Justin to go check...Power went out...oven shut off...
Justin makes them into a delectable teriyaki supper....
Saves the legs(and the day)!!
Justin comes back to take my place.
 Eat, shower amd head to opening car races

At Estevan Motor Speedway....
Season ticket holders don't miss a race!!
Hit the hay!!
No problem sleeping in my world!!
(I just can't sleep IN,Tracey!!)
A freind said his wife had trouble sleeping at night....
I said you are not working her hard enough!!
For added bonus to my day....
I filled the graintruck with gas,
later to discover I had left the ONLY key to the gas tank on the running board

It travelled 20 dusty, bumpy miles
 thank my lucky stars.... it was still there!!
I had visions of side grinders and explosions to get that lock off!!
It definitely takes a village to keep this life on the path!!
It's a new day....let the adventure begin!!
(or is it more like...No rest for the weary?)



  1. I always enjoy looking at your quilting accomplishments but I think I like to have insight to your farming world even more. Such a busy time for you all.

  2. It sure is but summer is so short!,

  3. oh my goodness, you DO work 18 hrs a day.

  4. That's how you do it all! Two things are different in your life than mine. I need Justin to save the day. Has he ever aspired to live in Weyburn? If so, I have a bedroom waiting for him. Secondly, I don't see the part in your day where you put your nose in a "who dunnit" and quit reading three hours later thinking "where has the time gone"! Still dreary here this morning so maybe I'll get some sewing done.

    1. Justin recently introduced me to a new app called Spritz(?) that is supposed to allow you to read 700 words a minute!! Thats the only way I will ever find time to read a book!!

  5. You get my vote for "Superwoman of the Year"!! You get so much done in a day, it makes me look lazy. I love reading your quilt posts, but I also love all the farming. I live in a farming community as well....although I am not a farmer!


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