Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sedona Star

I have been in love with the Sedona Star Quilt since the Minot Quilt Show in March
I have hymned and hawed for months about purchasing this pattern.
This pattern is by Sarah Vedeler
only avaliable as a PDF at a cost of 60$
I have guilt selling my pattern at 10$ and that is a printed version!!
I finally bit the bullet
(good thing we have gun laws in Canada...keep reading...)
I took my download to Staples to save some money on printing....
I NEVER realized there was HUNDREDS of pages!!!!
I had sticker shock when the girl said it would be 350$!!!
All I could say was NO..NO...NO...NO...NO....
I can't have a quilt pattern worth that kind of husband is going to shoot me!!
This is just the pattern...the templates are this thick too!!
After some serious negotiating, I settled with Staples for a fraction of that.
(Thank you, Staples)
I take full responsibility as I didn't go through it page by page.
I knew it was a 12 month block quilt.
NEEEVERR dreamed it was 300 pages with a dab of color on every page!!
PDF Pattern...60$
Printing at Staples.....50$
25 YARDS of Fabric.....300$
Batting and Quilting.....200$
Mental strain....Priceless
I will be lucky if my husband does apply for a gun licence!!!
I may need to go into hiding..
anyone know a warm cave with good lighting??






  1. Since the quilt is going to cost so much, Arnold won't have money to buy the license or the gun. You're safe! Justify the cost by thinking of all the more expensive hobbies out there ... I do. Having a Porsche collection, setting a goal of traveling to every country in the world .. there are more expensive hobbies. Enjoy.

  2. Oh my, I followed the links and saw some of the versions that have been created. Lovely and you will have a real work of art when it's completed. My husband likes to tease about my fabric collection but I have started an old Singer collection. Fortunately, not so much invested in it.

  3. I will remember you at Lori's house after the initial shock of the printing bill. No! No! No! No! No! It really was funny (sorry to laugh at your pain!)!! It'll be worth it in the end!

  4. I meant to say that I will remember that forever!! Oops.


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