Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The View from Here

I think today qualifies as a snow day....
Good thing we finished winterizing the calving shed yesterday!!
I had the pleasure of teaching another class of Cathedral Ceilings...
These girls were members of the Weyburn Crocus Quilters
 They are always alot of fun!!
This was Brenda's...
she's trying to hide her points which did not require hiding!!

Ester's.... Love the grey and red combo!!

Jaynie's... she ALWAYS thinks outside the box!!

 One day you will see this in some fabulous creation!!
Leanne's lime greens are so fresh...
Thanks for the fun!!
You were all great students....
Now for my teaching...that's another story!!
The reason why there were no evaluation sheets...BRENDA!!
She SAAAAYS she just wanted to add that buttons or yoyos
 should be a prerequisite in this class to hide the points!!
I am off to sew my day away!!




  1. I got home and started on another one, one with less mistakes. It's great. My first one is great too because I added Christmas buttons. You're a good teacher, Christa, giving each of us a very pleasant learning experience.

  2. I've carried on with the technique as well. I may even make it in a traditional style some day, it's such a pretty look. I agree with Brenda, you're a fine teacher Christa. Your samples in different sizes and colors as well as your stress free style made it an enjoyable learning experience.

  3. It was definitely a snow day. It was just cold in OH. I hope you don't get any of the bad snowy weather they are predicting for the Thanksgiving weekend. We are headed to just south of Austin TX, where it is nice and warm! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. I really want to learn this technique too!


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