Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Baby, It's Cold Outside...

You know it's cold...
 when even Tim Horton's are putting sweaters on their cups!!
Thanks to Aunty Terry for Dawson's warm coat!!

It's pretty cold feeding cows these days!!
Speaking of new duds....

Arnold was fitted up for something to walk our daughter down the isle in...
Looking mighty handsome!!

Only 25 days till the wedding!!
I have taken on a new project making windsocks
 it's been a sea of orange around here

My poor little old pfaff was pretty hot after 50 socks
 I purchased an industrial machine
It's a Reliable Machine which is a Canadian Company from Toronto,Canada
If you thought I sewed fast before.....

This sweet machine sews 5000(not a typo) stitches a minute!!
The dealer wanted to set it a little lower for me.
Not a chance...don't touch a thing!!
It's so heavy duty...
 It sits in an oil bath that you change every couple of years!!!
This puts "petal to the metal" in a whole new light for me!!
I have managed to squeeze in another month of Sedona...

Month 7

so the applique is ready to go on!!

month 6
Can't wait for the next round!!
Stay warm!!


  1. You've turned block of the month into block of the week!! See you tomorrow. BTW- I told Diane that you would be picking up your PILE of mail tomorrow!!!

  2. Note to Christa: try to sleep at least one hour in every 24!!!!


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