Friday, February 27, 2015

Some Pretty Frosty Mornings....

Calving has been going very well despite the frigid temperatures

-27C but pretty warm at night in the barn

Frost was draping all the bars...

We have acquired new milking machine...

Her name is Vanna.

 She is a 2013 model and seems to be fitting in well.

The extra calves feel like I did 
 eating at Carabbas the first time in Florida...

So delicious but couldn't eat another bite!!

My issue was too many margaritas and bread!!

I keep thinking some cows are out
 it's just our pack of 6 moose that keep strolling by...

I have made some progress on my Antique Quilt
(a.k.a insanity quilt)

I am really not enjoying this quilt. 

That's a first for me in a long time. 

I think it is the monotony of the little repetitive pieces.

All 530 little 3.5 inch blocks.

I already have plans for this little number...

It's a dark closet for a few months...maybe years...

Distance makes the heart fonder right???


I want to send hugs and condolences
 to my friend, Beverly Young whose mom recently passed away.
The sun will shine again... 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Stars Air Ambulance Quilt

Hop on over to The Block Party Blog to see our latest donation quilt!!
It is a French Braid in Artisan Batiks!!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pretty in Pink

I am not sure why I always wait to the last minute
for some procrastinating reason 

I wait till the baby is nearly able to walk and talk!!

I had these leftover blocks of Pam Kitty fabric

So I got them corralled up
 stitched to make a quilt for a friend

I just quilted it simply with straight lines 

I am in love with quilters dream oriental batting 

It makes such a soft and silky quilt

I also backed it with chenille

It's extra soft and cuddly!!

Now to get it to the baby before she graduates!!


Friday, February 20, 2015

Making Progress

I was just saying how I haven't seen a moose since harvest
Justin spotted these pair of moose in his trees the other day

I love fresh snow...I love seeing the tracks of little critters

Ironic that a cat and a bird have crossed paths on separate occasions 

Back to the insanity quilt... I have the 25 patches finished...
The insanity the blocks finish at 3.5"
there are 263 of these little treats!!

I have a good start on the alternate blocks ...
I think there is supposed to be 264 of them!!

The pattern calls for the comers to be appliqu├ęd on
I am strip piecing the corners on!
We had quilting yesterday.

This Dresden quilt came back from Terry Whitman today for show and tell at quilting 
We think Chris's daughter in law is going to love her grandma's quilt now!!

The petite feather wreaths are adorable in the centers

Totally brought to life with all the feathers and ribbons in the open spaces..

Jane was preparing batting for this quilt ...

Jane always has quite a few quilts on the go
 we are always surprised which one comes back finished
We all went to Crosby for lunch and shop for fabric for a quilt
 we will donate to Stars Air Ambulance this spring.
I will be sure to get pictures of that next week!!
Have a good weekend!!


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Let the Calving Begin

I have been busy mixing drinks.....

 of the milk kind...

We have had 2 sets of twins in 2 days
These two little guys need a little extra...


Thank you to Heather Piermantier!!
These ear warmers did a great job on their ears!!

In between treks to the barn I have been working on a new quilt
I purchased this book in Galveston when we went to Market

I fell in love with this quilt....

which I now refer to as my insanity quilt...

I am not sure what I was thinking when I started this one!!
The blocks are 25 patches that are 3.5" square..

263 of these little blocks....

I may be in a home by the end of this one!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Block Party Retreat 2015

Well, there was a lot of this....

And this....these are the cook's feet.
This year, my son Justin came to cook for us!
It was an interesting array of food!!
Lemon chicken soup, Zamuba Shrimp,
Bacon wrapped Peppers with Cream cheese,
Ham and scallopped potatoes and COOORRRN as Justin says in his southern drawl..
Thanks for cooking, Justin!!
As for quilting....

There were incredible quilts once again this year 

Sharon Armstrong's North by Northwest by Whirligig

Pineapple Express..

 In two colours 

Jane finished her Summer Skies...

Jane always does an amazing job with color.
 This was not a kit...she gathered her own scraps!

Stunning..The center is Chip by Miss Rosie
Shelby took some time to challenge Justin in some cards...

Dot shook it up with the creation of a bowl out of fabric...

Who knew that fabric would make such a nicely mottled bowl!

Anita worked her magic with clothing. She always impresses me with her transformation of regular clothes changing them into one of a kind pieces!

Jane started another quilt by 'Esther Aliu' from Australia

Dot worked her magic with scraps putting together some donation quilts....

Wonky log cabins..

Even quilted up most of it...

More scraps...

Sharon had a great bag to hold files and papers..

Terry showed her works of art...

Her rendition of the green fairy quilt...

Caroline models some of her bags for her recent trip to Arizona...

Charlene was ready to go fly a kite after finally getting this quilt right!!!

Charlene has also been embroidering her way through this little red number...

Heather has been a quilting machine this year finishing 2 of these embroidered farm block quilts..

In conjunction with her sister in laws hand work...

And Asian block quilt....

AND a prairie piece maker calendar quilt!!!
Impressive, Heather!!!!

Deb T did some 'Just Nuts'
And more Nuts...

And a Roses Quilt...

Deb G got a good start on some spinning wheels....

We were honoured with a couple of guests....
Shelley Baldwin
(who has made 5000 little dresses)
Sandy Diehl

They were kind enough to share their show and tell with us!!

Cute baby quilt..

Shelley's sister's quilt all going to be quilted by Terry...

Heather got a great start to another year of producing quilts at retreat...

After all was said and done,
 we took a few minutes to sit and appreciate another year gone by

It was another great retreat with good friends!!
Till next year....