Sunday, June 28, 2015

Busy Days

You know my life has been full when I say I have had some busy days!!
We were invited to The Community Futures AGM in Forget,Sk
Who can pass that opportunity up!!

 The Happy Nun Cafe is under new management
Things are much that same as the founding owners

We dined on Rosmary crusted Prime rib and smashed garlic potatoes

And some INTENSE chocolate brownie with raspberry sauce
It was a taste explosion!!

Then it was back to baling in my "downtime"....
The skies have been a light show of storms but no rain

We wanted to go to the races on Friday
 decided to stay home and bale
Just as I saw this rainbow over my house
I got a text saying the races were cancelled due to lightening
(metal seats and electricity...not a good mix)
Was my lucky day!!

Last night they had a double feature at the races to make up for the cancellation!!
The racing trucks were in town too!!
It amazes me how much they can fish tail and stay on the track.
I can't replicate that on my dirt roads!!

Since it was a balmy 31C it was a beautiful evening!!
There was a calcutta and all modes of race cars raced at the same time on the track.
It was interesting to see each class stayed in their section never catching up to each other.
This could cut the time to see races in half!!

Today is our oldest son, Jeremy's birthday
Can you believe he is 30??
This is Arnold with Chantel and Jeremy...doesn't he look impressed??
Where have the days gone??
Jaxon and Uncle Jeremy
 We had brunch with all the kids for his birthday.
Today Jaxon was wearing a special shirt...

He has just been promoted to BIG BROTHER.
He has a sibling on the way!!
Won't it be interesting to see how impressed he will be!!
Soon to be a Gma x 2
(Gma: Grandma in the texting world)


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