Monday, June 1, 2015

Old Quebec City

It's weird to see English as the 'second' language.....
 We couldn't figure out what this pork creation was....
And none of us were brave enough to spread it on our toast!!! Pork fat!!!!
Our first stop was a farmers market in old Quebec...
Castor beans on steroids....

This lady was selling earring made of butterfly wings in epoxy....
Cool but creepy all at the same time 
Pick supper alive...
Or already cooked!!!
My favourite flowers... Lily of the valley!!!
Hope mine wait to bloom for when I get home!!! So fragrant!!!
There was cheeses alone
Spices of every kind....
Teas by the scoop 
Then we hopped on the hop on hop off bus....
Parliament  building ....
St Johns gates
All the houses were adorable ....
Vines growing up the sides...
The via station 
Where our grain gets loaded put on ships
The Fairmont Frontanac Hotel

Incredible workmanship

We don't make things with character any more
I am always drawn to Inuit art 
Pretty sure I could have cast this chicken....
The streets were lined with cute shops

Then it was off to Montmerency Falls
In a gondola 
Nice trails
Some crazy in love man professed his love on logs below the falls
This was the biggest cotter pin we have ever seen holding the cables on suspension bridge

The walk down looked like it would put me in a wheel chair!!
And Ild have to call this number!!
It was a great first day!!


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  1. Everything looks like great fun! I'm glad you told us that was a chicken. My eastern adventure starts next Monday with a week in Stratford, ON.


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