Sunday, September 20, 2015

Day 1 in San Fransisco

It's a mom and kid adventure....
Tannis and Michaela. Justin and myself 
These signs were in the airport....

We didn't know Justin's Holsteins were models,,,,

Pretty cute....

Our run way in San Fran was built into the water.....

Then we hit the ground running...

This is the view from our hotel room

Not sure what this building is but will find out!!!

Look at the size of it with this large church beside it!!!

We hopped a street car.....

Down to the ferry building.....

And fishermans wharf

 Pier 39

And Alcatraz island ...

Going to have to make a trek over there 

The Del Monte Cannery...

I loved these Keys to San Fran Bike stands

On our way back to our hotel

Going to need my walking shoes!!!


Side note from our evening...

We tried to catch the Hop on/off nightlight bus. Both were full so another Hop bus offered to drop us off at our hotel as he went home 
Next thing you know Phil the driver was trying to catch up to the night bus. He caught them....this was it but the driver would not stop to let us on.  Finally he did get us on but it was scorching hot and no room up top so we asked to get off(a couple from Michigan latched on to us and was part of our 'group' so it was 6 of us) and then we realized that Phil was still behind us so we flagged him down and he picks us up again!!!

He drove all over the city for the 6 of we cruised by the Fairmont Hotel he offered for us to go in and pee...He would wait for us!!

We turned down and narrow street I am sure buses don't usually take and there was a cop car with his lights we cruised by Phil whistled like He was so funny!!!

He so made our evening. All of us paid him extra and we will be looking for his route tomorrow! He was so awesome! Sausalito here we come!  


  1. I'm surprised that you didn't leave Justin at Alcatraz.

    1. Maybe Phil will take him back today.

    2. We will be looking Phillip up today. He was so funny and made our evening!

  2. Your adventures with Phil are probably just a precursor to more great adventures.

    1. I am sure your right. He showed us stuff that you don't see on regular tours since he took us down roads the buses never did. He even circled the Grace cathedral so we could really check it out. He was such a card!!


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