Monday, November 30, 2015

Circle Square Ranch 2015

Hang on to your hats...
(this is only part 1)

We were off to retreat.

While in Wolseley we stopped in at Tiger Lily Quilts...

Her store will be moving from this cute little building to her new store soon

We picked up a coffee and lunch at the bakery.....

which was filled with local art work 

All the tables were Zentangled 

Quilts from Tiger Lily...

Paintings for sale...

3D art work...

Then it was time to head to Circle Square Ranch

We were welcomed with open arms by Robin and his staff

Before long, it was looking like a sweat shop...

Projects were laid out all over...

Christmas tunes were playing in the background
(thanks to d.j. Trudi!!)

The food was FAB-U-LOUS!!!

We were fed like those geese they fatten up for foie gras 

We just kept coming for the cream!!

On 'elegant night' most of us showed up covered in thread


Colleen and Anita draped themselves in Anita's Duvet covers she was working on
(very cute sisters!!)

Every evening, a crackling fire was lit 
we ate supper!!

The facilities were incredible.

We have booked for next year already!!!
November 24-27,2016

Stay tune for show and tell tomorrow!!
I am going to need a nap today....
(who goes to retreat to rest??)


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Why God Made a Quilter...

If you ever wondered WHY a quilter

 takes perfectly good fabric and hacks it up...

Take a few moments to listen to this video

If the link doesn't work - 
Click HERE

Thank you to Accuquilt for putting words
 why we are so passionate about quilting!!

So touching!!

Going to therapy a.k.a RETREAT!!

(ps. Thanks for the link, Heather!!)


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Beginning to Look alot like Christmas...

The first snow has started to fall in our area
THE best tool to deal with snow is my LEAF BLOWER!!

It cleaned the path and hot tub off in no time flat!!

I am so glad it waited a day.

We pregchecked cows yesterday and it was FREEZING!!
(I make great use of that hot tub)

I have been trying to find time to get to the Christmas gifts I am making!!

 A few bracelets with  beaded Kumihimo....

A receiving blanket for the new babe on the way

I put on little tab in one corner. 

I may have to go back to New York to get some more!!
(always a good excuse to go....don't you think??)

Missouri Star tutorials are amazing!!

On the Farmer's Wife front....

A special girl.... Heather
(my mom's name AND our most loved featherweight "dealer")
I think her number should be 24..don't you mom?

44 Iris

39 Grandma

50 Lady

93 Starlight

90 Sarah

Some of these are pretty wonky but I am sure will be fine in the end.

These are some serious paper piecing!!

Our retreat starts tomorrow!!!

We are going to Circle Square Ranch this year.

Brenda Jones sent me her fortune...

I think she got the right cookie!!
Going for a rest...


Friday, November 20, 2015

A Good Day at Quilting

If you haven't checked out the free tutorials
 our friend, Jenny Doan of Missouri Quilt Co

Now would be a great time!!!
Jenny is a genius......


 kind hearted enough to pose for a picture with us in Houston last year!!

I decided to try the Hunter Star

It called for 2 layer cakes

I only wanted a baby quilt so cut it down to 2 charm packs
(making it 1/4 the size)

Her technique was easy as pie!!

I used Oink a-Doodle -Moo

Even the trimmings are pretty!!

There were only 3 main blocks

and before you know it....

I had a baby quilt ready for Grand baby #2
(who is due in a couple weeks!!!)

At guild yesterday....

Terry brought some of her grandma's vintage embroidery

You just don't see hand work like these anymore

She is toying with quilting with her fabulous talents on her long arm

This is definitely a dying art...

Narrie made the CUTEST doll clothes for Christmas gifts

How sweet....

Vernelle was working on a  Bargello table top

Even the back was beautiful!!

There was a new addition to the family of Featherweights at quilting

Terry recently acquired her grandma's white singer

I think she should call her Milly after her g-ma!!

Even the box is cute!

With no room on Terry's table,

her black Featherweight went up for adoption!!

It NEARLY started a bidding war 
in the end... went to Colleen!!
(a good home is important when it comes to adoption)

I think winter has arrived in our neck of the woods.

Let the sewing begin....