Thursday, December 31, 2015

Farewell to 2015...Heelllllo......2016!!

As in my usual style.....

When it's crunch time, things get done!!

Terry managed to squeeze in one last quilt for me

I love this new backing I just brought in.

It looks like wood grain.

The label has been attached....

I wanted a better picture of the finished quilt 
the snow is too deep to the clothesline and this is as high as Justin could stretch!!

Stars in the Valley by Border Creek Station
(an amazing pattern)

This is the second time I did this quilt 

Last year, it was for my daughter, Chantel's wedding in December too!

I still love it!!

One more blue perhaps???

It's wrapped and ready for Ryan and Beth's wedding tonight!!

What a great way to bring in the New Year!!

As far as New Year's resolutions??

1- I need to work on my workmanship.

Straighter,squarer,more precise.

2- Learn to read the pattern BEFORE starting a quilt.

Can't promise but will try.

3- Love more...

Laugh just as much...
 keep on living my crazy life!!

Happy New Year to all my readers, friends and family!!
_  _  _  _  _  _  _  

May our stitches cross in 2016!!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Cheer to All

The snow has fallen...
A little too much for baby Duracell's liking!!

The gifts have been wrapped...

Some even got opened!!
Thank you, Maryann!!
I love my chicken potholders and their pottery bowl nest!!
(Maryann is ridiculously talented)
You spoil me....

They are laying on a stash of delicious chocolate eggs!!
The house is decorated...

Again... My standards are much lower than Maryann's 'decorating'.....

The ham buns are ready to be toasted...

Peppers and Turkeys are stuffed...

Let the festivities begin!!
(I think I hear a cranberry and Disaronno calling my name)
Hope you are surrounded
 family and food during this Christmas season!!
(and throughout the rest of the year!!)
Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Goooooing to the Chapel,

and....I'm..... gooing to get maaarrieed....

Ok...not me.....

 but that song plays in my head every time I have a quilt ready to go to Terry's

This quilt was a rush order.

Justin's friend announced on FRIDAY


 he is getting married on New Year's Eve!!!!

So I started with a couple layer cakes of Jet Set by Wilmington
make the same quilt I made for Chantel's wedding last December.

I love Stars in the Valley by Border Creek Station

It comes together pretty quick and the instructions are spot on!!

I think I need to ask Santa for a new iron board cover!!
(but then just means I have put it to good use!!)

I love the shades of grey to black

It started to take shape quickly

For added punch I bordered it in red...

So it's off to Terry's bright and early today...

Squeezed that quilt in just in the nick of time!!

If you haven't stopped by our guild blog lately 

click HERE to see the rest of our gift exchange and Maryann's house.

It looks like something out of House and Home Christmas edition!!

With the frost and dusting of snow,
it will make for a beautiful Christmas!!

My friend recently sent me a picture I had cross stitched for them.

I had completely forgotten about these cute little bunnies.

After all, it was back in 1989.

Seems like a lifetime ago....

The years just keep flying by!!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas with the Block Party Girls

The wreath is hung....

Thank you Maryann for making me one!!

The frost is in the air...

There is just enough snow on the ground for a White Christmas

The presents have been delivered...

Christmas parties have begun!!

Maryann hosted our quilt guild's party...

The gifts surpassed anyone's expectations!!

Charlene made this Wagon wheel rug for Tracey..

Tracey made this table topper for Lori...

Chris made this runner for Maryann...

Jane painted a rock for Terry....

Such detail...

Narrie made a yoyo wreath for Vernelle....

We did a pot luck and the food was wonderful.

For dessert....

Maryann's cream puffs!!

I did not get pictures of all the gifts
 I will link up to the Guild blog when Tracey posts!!

Thanks for the fun, Girls!!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Working on Christmas Gifts

I was a little sidetracked with Farmer's Wife QAL
I am FINALLY done my wedding star quilt.

I only had enough fabric left to scallop two sides so I am calling it done!!

Even Dawson looks wiry of looking at this one!!

I am getting very good at extreme chain paper piecing!!

Crayola is very creative.....

I saw these little tins in Crosby, ND

You buy the tin and fill it with the colors you like

Since coloring is all the rage these day for young or old!!

I started making some Christmas gifts......


The snap bags using pieces of measuring tape to make the 'snap'

Once you get it all organized they sew up pretty fast...

I am making some larger ones from some Sweetwater Fabric

This was a little challenge panel,

 I thought would be better sewn up as a bag for Jaxon's gift.

Not bad for 2 bucks!!
(which I think I still owe Jane for)

These are some little Zentangle books
made from
tags and a snowflake T-stud...

Zentanging the first letter of each person's name to get them started!!

I hope they are inspired to give it a shot!!

There are no wrong moves!!

Better keep going...