Tuesday, January 12, 2016

World Quilt Festival in Orlando

Day 1....hit the ground running....
As we stayed at Rozen Plaza so I could go to the world quil featival at Orange County  Convention Center

First person I ran into had a cathedral window bag she has prettied up

And an entire quilt in my favorite color!!

There was a lot of art quilts 

Some zentangled ones..

They hosted a section of the 2015 Hoffman  Challenge

Last years fabric did not sing to me  

But there were some beautiful pieces 

Very native inspired 

This made me think of Irene Roy!!

This bird was singing a tune 

Some yellow and grey....

I loved this purple featherweight. The guy had to be on it for me to take a pic!!!

This scrappy beige wedding ring was awesome

A one block one wonder for Lori!!!

The stitching was incredible on this peacock quilt

This scene was all stitching 

An incredible appliqué

With great cross hatching and feathers 

This took me right back to San Fransisco!!!

Great detail!!

Some water lilies...

This pup was 1/2" squares zigzagged onto the black background

And the story of how she saved her from a puppy mill as a discarded mom was stitched all around the face

My favorite purse paraphernalia from Houston was there 

As I always say.... Blue and brown... Can't go wrong!!

Amazing Pelicans 

It was crazy to see a uhaul...

From Saskatchewan!!!

We took some time to play a game of checkers at Cracker Barrel where Arnold smoked me!!!

Next stop is Hollywood.....Florida!!!

Where we are held up BESIDE the beach

I hear a sun burn calling my name

I better get the SPF 50 on!!!


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