Friday, February 19, 2016

A Bird's Eyeview

I  spent some time this week
installing some cameras in the calving barn

I can't say it was without some frustration
I can say it was well worth it!!

We can now monitor the calving situation from our phones
anywhere we may be...including at quilting!!

Technology can be incredible when it works!!

So from the comfort of my sewing room chair I can keep an eye on the cows 
work on 'my' barns!!

Mom gave me these barns for Christmas last year.

This is the last of them!!

I hope to finish it before our quilt show in June.

Now for the log cabin blocks!!

Speaking of log cabins...

Chris Marcotte finished her quilt.

It is fabulous!!

So to celebrate...

Colleen served us some muffins and wine!!!

I think we should celebrate every quilt like this!!

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