Monday, February 29, 2016

Sunday Finishes

It was a great day to finish up a few little projects...

I started with my very first trial quilt with cathedral windows..

I decided to try quilting it myself with some stencils

I always freeze up when it comes to this part.

I am scared I won't like it 
 then I hear Ricky Tims....You're as good as you are right now!

I inserted pieces of drapery sheer in the 'window' parts

These pillow forms were waiting to be covered for Justin

Birch for the days he's feeling 'foresty'

Barn board for the 'farm-y' days

And keeping in the farm-y theme..

Finally quilted up my Toni Whitney barn scene

Ready to be hung....
Since it is Leap Year,

 we are celebrating with an extra sewing day today!!

Let's see what else I can finish....
Our quilt show is June 18!

Happy Leap Year!!!
Use your extra day wisely!


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  1. You're psychic as I was about to ask when your show is and there you had the answer before I even asked. Ours is April 29th and 30th.


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