Sunday, May 29, 2016

Piggies, Puppies and Kittens

Can you believe how the days are flying by??

The crops are in and up!!

The garden is planted...

Flowers are starting to bloom

A sure sign of Spring....


Justin's gilts had babies....18 to be exact!!

Kittens have been tamed....

All the puppies...

Gus, Kali, Charlie, Eli, Cole 
 (last two yet to be named) 

are in their new homes.

They were beautiful blue eyed puppies!!

It was my birthday this weekend.

My sisters flew in to spend it with me

I was spoiled as always!!

My grandsons gave me a special card...

Shelby knows me well...

A PURPLE  purse pincushion

Justin made me a new kitchen table with tile that looks like barn board

Love it!!

It is also my girlfriend's birthday on the same day

We have celebrated together for awhile now

Thank you,Louise for the special DQ cake 
(with EXTRA fudge crumble!!)


It was a fun week spent with family and friends!!

Love you all!!

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