Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Weyburn Quilt Show

You know you are crazy busy..
 you are folding clothes at 9 in the morning
you say out loud  how GOOD those clean jammies are going to feel tonight!!

The Weyburn Crocus Quilt Show was a lot of fun this past weekend.

To see some of the amazing quilts click HERE

I was surprised how many widebacks and battings I had!!

I see I need to restock some green ones!!
(I am all out of 'celery', Tracey!)

Justin gave me a hand and was an excellent salesman!!

I didn't have many flannels left by Saturday afternoon!!

I launched my new website last week

It's a work in progress
it will give you a good idea of what I have on hand when you need a back!!

I even sold my copy of Farmers Wife 1930's book!!

I think once is enough for me...Enjoy Leanne!!
(call if you need help)

It was also a great opportunity to promote our upcoming quilt show in June

It will be at the Torquay Community Center on June 18th.

It's one amazing day!!

You're not going to want to miss it.

Doors open at 11am-4pm for viewing of quilts.

There will be an Old Fashioned Bed Turning at 1pm with tea and dainties following.

Come hear the stories our quilts have to tell!

Even if you don't quilt, it is sure to be entertaining.

Now to get a crop in the ground....


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