Monday, June 6, 2016

Tea Party

Charlene made this cute little tea pot for her newly painted kitchen.

It was fitting show and tell for guild
 it was Tea cozy day! 

We mass produced 16 cozies 
 keep the tea warm at our upcoming show

Only TWO WEEKS to get ready!!!

June 18th 
 Torquay Community Center

Doors open at 11

Party starts at 1!!

Some of the other show and tell...

Vernelle made the cutest little wall hanging

It used the Thangles templates

Some of these blocks had over 50 pieces!!

Vernelle also finished quilting her Kaleidoscope quilt

We had a couple of visitors from Estevan Guild

Eileen brought her Farmgirl mini blocks

I loved the little cow...


and Chicken!!

The chicken fabric on the chicken was so cute!!

Eileen also debuted her Lumberyard quilt....

Her sister, Elenor showed her red and white quilt 
 delectable mountains border

This was the quilt that inspired me 
 put the same border on my Farmer's Wife quilt

Thanks for all the inspiration!!

Like I needed another project...

Anyone need to sell their Farm Girl Patterns??



  1. Ohhhh that red and white quilt!!!! Wow, I love it! I need to get my FW bound this week and Im thinking that 35 is a great temp to sit inside watching Dateline and binding. Come join me tomorrow if you have something to bind.

  2. I am looking forward to seeing all those tea cozies in use on the 18th. See you then!


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