Friday, December 9, 2016

Expedition Bag

There was one booth at Quilt Market I absolutely loved
It was Tim Holtz booth
His wideback fabrics were so pretty and super soft.
Finally I went and ordered a bolt of each....
They worked out to be the same price as my other backings...60$ for 110"x108"
These backs are 100% cotton with a chintz finish
I wish there was feel-o vision on the internet. 
It is the silkiest softest cotton you've ever felt. 
I brought some to quilting the other day and ever persons reaction was the same....
Oooooooh....that is so soft! 
I can see this fabric in a few of my projects as backgrounds!!
I also loved his other fabrics.
I love maps and postmarks.
This bag was a limited edition kit.
I had to have it. 
It finally came last week!!

I dove right in!!! 

It came with the fabric, zippers, thread and hardware

Other than I got the middle panel UPSIDE DOWN 

I love the finished product!! 
I may have to make this out of some of his other fabrics! 

Yup...I had to get a FQ pack.

Let's just say...

Santa wanted me to have it!!




  1. I love the bag!! If you make it again, call me and we will do it together...nothing like inviting myself to your house!!

    1. Will do!, you're always welcome at my house!

  2. That bag is fantastic. Like you, I love maps and anything postage.

    1. Thanks Brenda! I have loved Tim Holtz fabric for awhile now! It was great to meet him at Market! Love this bag and his new backings!

  3. What a cute bag. I'm wondering if it's as pricey a bag as one many of the Weyburn guild recently made. We joke that we'll have to leave them in our wills. There will be a picture of them when the December blog gets posted.

    1. You know that saying...why would i buy it when I can make it myself for 92$ worth of supplies??!?! Can't wait to see the guild bags!!


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