Sunday, January 22, 2017

Bumming Around Hawaii

We have been everywhere,man....
Up the coast and around again...
We had to stop at Flatbread Pizza in Paia 
So yummy!!!
Maui Ocean Center  in Maalaea .....
just in case we missed some fish snorkelling...

I loved the sea horses

 And Octopus

Some days we just grab some buns, cheese and ham....

Who knew...Canadian Bacon in Hawaii!!!

The birds in Hawaii are very tourist friendly....

I have fed them at the beach, at a picnic, even on the boat!!

Stopped at a few quilt stores...

The Maui Quilt Shop in Kihei

Some Glass blowers in Makawao


The jellyfish were incredible 

As well as the bowls that looked like chrysanthemum flowers

If it's blue....I love it!

I have made sure to stay hydrated through all this exploring...

Lime margaritas help to quench a girls thirst....I was pretty thirsty!! 

Today's lunch was kaluha pork and pineapple pizza 

Arnold had fish tacos

You know....

When in as the Romans!!

I am doing my best! 




  1. Christa, where are your fish tacos? If you love me, you'll bring me a large piece of glass!!! LOL Looks like a fabulous time!

  2. I can't even buy myself a piece of this glass!! I need to trade the guy a quilt!! Having a good time


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