Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ono Organic Fruit Farm

If you have ever been on a vacation with us
You will know it's jam packed with adventure
We needed to purchase a calendar to keep everything straight!!
This was day's all filled up now!!
We headed up Hana road to the Ono Organic Farm Tour
Ono means delicious which it all was! 
This farm grows coffee and fruits

They are off the grid so use solar panels and manual labour 

These are the beans  drying in the sun 

This machine dehusked the beans after they were dried

They don't get the dark couloir till they are roasted

I don't drink coffee but Arnold, Joy and Gary said it was delicious

Bananas were growing every where  

We tried ice cream banana and apple banana

There was pineapple, soursaw,jackfruit, papaya, pomelo, tangerine, guava, lichen, Mexican limes
These are the remains of my fruit!!!

I had to keep asking him to tell us how to eat some of these as we had never heard of most of them 

Some you just sucked the seeds and spit out, others you ate the whole thing


This was a coconut sprouted which turns the milk inside into a sponge they called candy
It was sweet but a weird texture!!
Star fruit...

It was quite the variety to try... 

They also had macadamia nuts
Which you used this little cruncher for!! 
They bring their fruit down each week to sell locally 

It was a great learning and tasty experience! 





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