Monday, August 14, 2017

Cherrywood Challenge 2017

When we were in Houston last fall, 
I admired the 2017 Cherrywood Challenge.
It was BLUE!!

If you know me at all.....I love blue.

No brainer....I had to try.

I have entered the Hoffman Challenge twice and both pieces have travelled.
(one still is!!)

I have nothing to lose but time...

This piece had to be VanGogh inspired, 20"square, read 70% blue, 
 contain all Cherrywood fabric

I didn't know a whole lot about Van Gogh so I started doing a little research

Every search brought up 'Starry Nights"
I loved it but figured that will be most people's inspiration

So I decided to go 
 'Starry Nights Over the Rhone'
I started with my plan using the required 3 blues and a black 
added yellow

I folded my inspiration photo in sections 
 then my required size pattern into the same sections

I was rough...but a guideline!

I wanted my fabric to resemble brush strokes like Vincent's
The layering began....
My husband came to look at one point 
 asked if it was required to chop it up that small??

Nope....but I needed to in order to get my desired effect!!

I don't do much thread painting so I 'roughed' in my buildings and people...
Before you know it....

I had MY rendition of Starry Nights Over the Rhone!

I saw a quote of his I liked so I stitched it into a corner
"I dream my painting and I paint my dream"


I submitted and waited.....
Then the email came!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How exciting!!
Let's see where it goes from here!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Tula BLUE Batik Butterfly

This butterfly is ready to fly!! 

Terry Whitman did a fabulous job quilting this one for me!! 

This quilt turned out way better than I envisioned it was going to!! 

 I love batiks but was not sure if they would work....

  I guess you never know till you try it!!

 Thanks, Terry!!

I love it!! 


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Artisan Cabins of Moose Mountain Park

I was all packed and ready to hit the road for the lake 

when I discovered my peaches were in need of dealing with!!


I quickly got them in to the freezer and was on the road!

Mom came with me to help hang my quilts! 

Wasn't long before we had it all decorated

 I brought some of my most recent and favorite things..


 Even a few flimsies! 

 This inifinty quilt was one of the crowd favorites 

as well as 

my cows and farmers wife quilt


 I worked on the next row for my Halo Medallion quilt 

 There were over 300 people through my cabin in 5 days....

even this little munchkin who ate our cinnamon buns! 

 We saw a wedding....

 Made a new lunch bag out of my 'storm at sea' mini quilt 

 Sold my Bali Wedding Star quilt....

It is a wedding gift for an air force pilot! 

Hope he loves it! 

 Arnold got whipped by Shirley in card games 

 Stitched outside....

 Stitched inside....

 Nearly finished by Border Creek Mystery....

Had great visits with family and friends, new and old!!

Sold quite a few bags and purses.....

Thanks, Nikki and Lexie! 

I just loved how these two little boys left me comments....
Carter....Great Work! 
Ashton....Keep it up!! 
Thanks to all those who came through! 
It was a great time and I really enjoyed meeting everyone! 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Summer Heat Wave

The temps ahve been hovering around 32-36C all week....

I have managed to keep my birthday flowers alive!! 

Thanks Charlene and Deb!!

I think of you every day!!

Justin and I had food adventure the other day...

We thought we would try eating at Sakura, a Japanese restaurant

We started with a Thai was interesting.....

Next was a green onion soup and lettuce salad with Mango dressing....

The soup was good...


You know how you eat with your eyes first?

My eyes just weren't into that look on the salad....

We ordered a Bento box lunch.


Interesting.....doable but not my favorite!!

 I think it will be a while before I go Japanese again!!

Things on the farm have drying up left and right.

The hay situation is not good.

We have sold some cows and will assess the remainder this fall.

I think it's time for the EAST to send hay WEST....It's their turn!!

This bull was very obstinate when we tried to move him 
Scout came to the rescue and got him moved!!

We also had a cute little addition to the chicken coop...

This little Bantam hen hatched out 8 little cuties!!

Just love how they peak out of her feathers!!

Lucy has been helping me get ready to go
 the Artist Colony in Moose Mountain Park, Sk

So if you are out and about this August long weekend.....

Be sure to stop in!!

I will be there August 3-8, 2017