Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Homeward Bound

This is the haul I brought home from Bali 

I felt like that guy on the scooter....

 We were a day ahead of our families at home 
we had a running joke that we will be home yesterday!

We went from Denpasar, Bali to Taipei, Taiwan

 When you see the maps of each leg like this,

 it really hits home how far it is!! 

Thanks to our travel agent, 

we had passes for the VIP lounge in Taipei.

That was such a treat to sit in comfy chairs 
Have snacks and drinks(like two bottles of Baileys)
 going on the longest part of this journey!!

Taipei  to Vancouver...

 With a tailwind, it was shortened to 10.5 hours
(It was 13.5 going to Bali)

I was glad that I had packed some of my own snacks...

Some of the food on the plane was questionable for a foreigner like me.

I was missing the simple things in life....

 I paid to use many bathrooms in Bali.

I used bathrooms in every language,

(Used the man’s bathroom before realizing it was!)

I was thinking I have never paid for a bathroom in Canada
We actually have...

the guilt makes us by a coke and kitkat if we didn’t buy gas!

So technically  I have!! 

 I love to travel but I always love coming home.

When we landed in Vancouver,

 I almost forgot where we were when I looked at this picture! 

 Thanks again to Jodi, our travel agent 
 she booked us in the Fairmont at the airport.

It was like sleeping on a cloud!!

This glamping playground made me think of my girlfriend, Lori

 How cute is that??

 It was two more planes from Vancouver to Calgary to Regina.

 How I enjoyed the familiar cookies on the plane!! 

 Love the quilted prairies!! 

 The first thing to hit the wash was my new found stash of batiks

Even Lucy was interested in what I had purchased....

She never goes in the dryer!

 I was pretty happy with my new fabrics



 The dog sleds were so cute ...I couldn't resist!

We had sled dog teams in Ontario when I was a kid


 Who knew I would find some buffalo in Bali!?!?


 With all that fabric out of my suitcase

Folded and stacked.... 

 It was time to tackle my other treasures...

I thought this would make a great sewing basket... 

 Some yummy Chocolate to stuff some stockings..

 Their bags were made of compostable and biodegradable materials


 I seem to be getting a bike collection started...

I could not resist this little one...

 Pretty cool how the hub is a little bobbin

Some scarves for for some special people ... 

 Cute little zippered bags....

Bags are unpacked
 life is back to normal.

Got my nights back to days.

Now to spend some time in my sewing room!!

I am so glad that Volcano waited for us to get home.

I hope that Sudiana, Diasa and Rudi stay safe
as well
as all of Bali!!

I wonder if that earthquake I felt
wasn't the volcano starting it's eruption??


Sunday, November 26, 2017

Things Memories Are Made Off

Our second hotel in Bali was INCREDIBLE!!

It was called Kamandalu in Ubud
There was a gaggle of geese that provided entertainment in the rice fields every morning.
 Our rooms were like something out of a story book
So romantic...except we were all with our girlfriends!!  
 This was such a great picture with all of us on your last day.

We didnt even plan it.

Was just a last minute...hey, lets take a pic!!!
We all tried to get good pictures to give you an idea of the traffic 
No pictures showed it accurately  

So many times we saw families of 4 on one scooter

Look closely....this mom is holding her baby 
there is usually a child standing in front of the dad!
 I have issues that my grandchildren are strapped in their car seats like straight jackets!!!

This is the other end of the safety spectrum!! 

Kids dont wear helmets till they are 16 and driving. 

When I say we have been everywhere, man....

We really did EVERY thing you can think of in Bali...

Who knew....an Orchid garden...

It was so beautiful and our guide was so knowledgeable
 But we were MELTING in the heat!!!
 We found ourselves wanting the guide to talk faster....

Give us the crash course....
 It was incredible to see such amazing flowers 
imagine your bathroom after a super hot shower and you are now lockied in that moist heat
It was a sauna out there!! 
 For a moment i thought of home when we saw this McDonalds...
 But this truck filled with meat and fish in this heat reminded me I was vegan while here 

We visited the Elephant Safari Park
They were rescued Sumatran elephants.
They had daily baths and were well fed and looked after. 
This was our driver.
 He assured us ther would be no runaway or a saddle that would flip over
 Every one was pretty thrilled with our little trek through the jungle 
 There was a web address that we sent to our families so they could watch the live cameras

 Tressa whitman and Valerie Leis

I was also nervous that this elephant was going to laydown qnd roll as we walked in this pond

These are legitimate concerns....I have horses...all of the above has happened to me!!

Did not want to expeience it on an elephant!!

 This was one of the pictures Justin took while Watching at home 
 We visited Black Sand Beach.
The water was as hot as your bath tub.
Was not refreshing when you were alrady that hot!
This scooter is LOADED down....just like i felt hauling my fabrics home!!! 
 This trip was an expeience of a liftime.
It was so nice to do it with some of my best freinds.
I was lucky to get to know everyone so well.
I miss our evening chats in the pool.
Memories we will share for the rest of our lifetimes! 
 We are just glad the volcano waited to erupt after we left

It was enough “experience” to feel the earthquake one morning!  
I REALLY love Canada. 
I love food safety, 
stairs that are proper rise and run, 
(Hand rails)
clean running water,
Air that is so fresh and clean,
Space...wide open blue skies and room to move.
We may have tornados but we also have basements
The Bali Journey is nearly complete...