Friday, September 14, 2018

Deadwood and I Didn't Bust!!

The last couple of years,
 we have finished combining before the long weekend.

I love it....

It means I actually get to have fun on the LONG weekend!!
We hopped in the car and headed to the Black Hills!!

We spent on day in Rapid City,
 Tracey told me about a quilt store I had not known about!!

The Quilt Connection

Arnold thanks you, Tracey!!

There was so much eye candy!!!

I had to buy this pattern.  

These round quilts are the creation of Joanne Hoffman who is from that area

I just loved the colors and symmetry of these ladies!!

But I controlled myself and enjoyed the teasing!!

Browns and blues...can't go wrong!!

The old fire hall has been repurposed as a restaurant and bar

There was an Artist Trading Post beside that...

Native star quilts.....

Czech glass beads of every color......

Leathers and buttons made of bones....

We toured the canyons back to Deadwood stopping at the Cosmic Mystery

This is where there is one spot that defies all gravity.

It forces you to lean as far as you can just to feel like you are standing straight!!

Just the weirdest but coolest thing!!

Was worth the 10$ to see water run up hill!!!

The second day we rented an UTV and did the trails in Spearfish Canyon.

This is how someone else returned their unit!!

We had no troubles at all...

It was crazy to see how much damage a tornado had done to the forest this summer...

Trees were down everywhere but the Forestry was quickly cleaning it up!

Good old green to the rescue!!

We didn't really know where we were going so just picked our way through trails...

weaving between South Dakota and Wyoming

We stumbled across a Ranger Station where you could see the world!!

I think I see home....

This is the 5th wettest year in the Black Hills. 

The cows were to their bellies in grass.

It was a fun day and no one had to come find us!!

On the way home we stopped at Watford City, ND at a new Deli chain

The Smiling Moose 

They had very interesting combinations of soups and sandwiches

Their marketing and logos were really cool

But the kids working the joint made the presentation very sloppy!! 

Looks like they dipped the mug in the soup to serve us!!

I guess they were trying to make us feel like we were at home!!
It was a nice little get away none the less!!


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