Friday, November 23, 2018

Goodbye Houston!!

There was only one 'event' at Houston for us....

On preview night.

There was an evacuation order to leave the building.

No one seemed to know what the incident was 
with 12000 women a day at this show...

I was not taking any chances.

I didn't need anything THAT bad!!

This was the line up to get in as I headed for my hotel for the night!!

It turned out to be a fire in a dumpster out back so the show continued!!

Anyone recognize this cowboy??

It's Ricky Tims!!

I didn't bother him!!

The girls ran into Jenny Doan of Missouri Star again this year!

She and her husband are the nicest people.

Sandi, Jymmi, Jenny and Charlene

The girls loved how Jenny and her man walked away holding hands.

International Quilt Festival is like Hollywood for Quilters!!

The girls took a few other classes.

These sneakers were one of Sandi's classes

Jymmi Kaye took a class on making vases

In my mixed media class, 

 I met Ana Buzzalino of Calgary!!

She made the prettiest rocks with paint!!

June Colburn did a talk on collaging fabrics...

I met a lady at lunch one day....

She was taking a class by Robi Eklow

I have never seen these works of art but was in love!!

I managed to find her classroom and purchase a pattern from her!!

Her colors are fabulous!!

Next time in Houston I am taking a class from her for sure!!

These two cuties were spotted in fine attire in the show each day!!

Those were the days when style was happening!!

Our 'last' supper was at District 7 diner.

Delicious peach Bellini's and great food.

It was Good bye, Houston....till we meet again!!

This was our third time.

It is such a quilter's haven...

Recharged and ready to sew!

No trip to Festival is complete without a TSA search of my suitcase!!
I am sure they wonder what the heck all those treasures are for!!

Thanks for the fun, Jymmi Kaye, Sandi and Charlene!!

Good times....


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