Thursday, February 7, 2019

Costa Rica Coffee and Ox Carts

There is nothing like waking up to a sunrise like this....

or sipping a margarita and watching for whales to jump....

Our next stop was Costa Rica

These countries on volcanos have built every thing on steep slopes

These side streets were like San Fransico

The flowers were amazing....

We hopped on a bus
with some new found friends from Ontario,
Bill and Terry Poll

First stop was a coffee plantation called Naranjo Coffee

I don't even drink coffee
 after our guide showed us how good coffee is made I might have to try it!

School is out in Costa Rica as it is bean picking season.

Every one brings their family
pick beans from November to February.

This was the last picking!!

A coffee plant produces for 25 years!!

We got to see the process from start to finish,

 with this roast being emptied as we were leaving

Every thing was hand packaged as well.

If it was not hot enough outside....

It was 20 Degrees hotter inside the roast house!!

Lunch was at our next stop at Sarchi, Costa Rica.

We had 'chicken' but I was not sure it wasn't iguana.

I had fries.

They still make hand made ox carts for hauling all their produce!

They are hand painted with scrolling...

I can see this as a quilt!!

The town is on a mission to paint the town as well....

This church was already painted in this fashion!!

Their inlaid wood work was fabulous!!

This mill is still run by a water wheel and powers all the tools

I had to laugh as it reminded me of my own house!!

One junction box running the entire place!!

I always love coming back to our room after a day,

to see what critter our towels are!!

It was good bye Costa Rica and off to Nicaragua!!



Thank you for reading and hope your enjoyed!!