Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Deer in My Headlights

I have been intrigued with the one block wonder for awhile now.

This technique takes a repeat in a fabric 
stacks it on top of each one 6 times.

Then you cut into 60 degree wedges.

You take those identical wedges and sew them back together.

Is that as clear as mud??

I have seen a few now where they used panels.

I went to my favorite local quilt shop..


 Crosby, North Dakota
(we are soooo lucky to have her!!)

This panel was 2$!!!!

I needed 3 panels as I planned on stacking this little stud
make my stack and whack blocks...

And making this one - my main man...

This is my trial version of a stack and whack/ one block wonder.

 For 6$ I have nothing to lose!!
There are 3 possible ways to sew these blocks
 playing around is half the fun

These next two photos are the same stack but different placement!!

Thank goodness for phones so a person can take a pic
 spin them again and see what one you like best

The possibilities are endless....

Next I started to lay them out around this stag!

When I came up with a layout I was good with,

I sewed them together and machine basted the center in.

I will hand applique around the center panel.

I plan to bind it with all the wonky sides.

Stay tuned...

I may get fed up and cut it all off!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Sisters of the Cloth by Joann Hoffman

When I was in Rapid City, South Dakota last fall,

we stopped in at the Quilt Connections Quilt Shop

This is where I first got addicted 

My first try was this round feathers wall hanging

It's very easy raw edge applique.

I also spotted Sisters of the Cloth 
didn't purchase it.

Six months later...

I caved in...

Thank goodness for PDF files....sort of!!

This one is also raw edge applique.

I decided to do the girls wearing hats instead of the Amish girls

It whipped up pretty quickly!!

I may even have to make the bed runner one day....

I used some scraps from my new backings as the colors are bright and beautiful!!

I was excited to try quilting this myself.

I am not a wonderful quilter but none the less...

I am loving my BSR attachment on my  new Bernina

so small projects are quite fun!

I didn't like the flowers on the pattern 
I did prairie points in between the girls.

So bright and cheery...

Just in time for Easter!!


Thursday, April 11, 2019

Shibori and Jazzy Jelly Roll Quilt

I purchased this Shibori by  Moda jellyroll some time ago.

Wasn't sure what I was going to do with it 
it was blue so it had to come home with me!!

Then Terry made this quilt at Retreat 
 I knew where my roll was going!!

This quilt is called Jazzy Jellyroll by Tannis Fahlman.

She is a pattern maker from Regina, Sk!!

If you are interested in the pattern, 

just email her

Tannis can PDF the pattern to you!

It's pretty sad that this little pile makes one quilt!!

Not a large one but none the less!!

My roll was a junior so I used half a Jellyroll of Kona white

I cut it out on Thursday and pieced it on Friday!!

Fast and Fabulous!!
I even have it sandwiched and ready to quilt myself!!

I also brought in some new widebacks.

I love a shipment of new fabrics...

It's like a box of colorful easter eggs!!


Tuesday, April 9, 2019



Where did March go??

Things have obviously been super busy around here!

Nearly done calving.

As you can see, there are calves everywhere..

Warning...the next picture is graphic and may damage your eyes...

Not the bruise but just the ugly leg

.....with the major bruising

A cow decided she had enough of me 
 decided to boot my three times.

That has been two weeks of slow recovery.

I did tell my family I loved them 
 to divy up my quilty stuff if I was to have a blood clot.

So good...

I am still quilting my own stash!

I was asked to do a commission quilt with a farm theme.

Homegrown by Deb Strain seemed fitting!!

I think you can't have 'farm' with out some red!

I love doing these Offset Flying Geese by Deb Tucker 

So easy!!

There was one panel and a bunch of scraps left
I literally just started sewing pieces together willy nilly
make a bag for this quilt!

Not bad if I don't say so myself!!

I love it when you clean up all the fabric from one project!!

Can't wait for the finished project back from Terry Whitman!!

I know it's going to be stunning!!

With Spring pretty much here,

 Colleen decided to have one of her famous tea parties for our guild.

It was such a nice afternoon 

with friends 

 Dainties and lots of laughs!

Thank you, Colleen!!

I bought my grandsons a couple of little bunnies for Easter.

This little guy went missing off the table...

Some one thought he was pretty sweet 

I found him snuggled in Dawson's bed!!

I think she is trying to tell me something!

The Crocus Quilters in Weyburn,Sk 
 having a Gathering of the Guilds
Saturday, April 12, 2019!!

Can't wait to see all our quilting family from far and wide!