Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Blizzard = Quilting

What's a girl to do when the blizzard gives you this??
It means stay in and sew!!
I managed to get the mini Storm at Sea together 

 Bound my Quadrants Quilt from Stripology Squared 

 I am quite pleased with my quilting on this one!  

Used up my spare parts from my Arrows Quilt by Missouri star into a runner  
The Red Halo ring has been quite handy in quilting the pebbles on this one 

I finished this Amy Butler Weekender bag for Arnold Sisters birthday  

Maryann has been a machine!!


Her chevrons... 

Quilted up her diamonds

And her Frivols...and bound!!

 Lori got her HST Quilt together 

And bonus......cleaned her sewing room... 

 I need to do mine 

Soon or I won't even be able to find the cat!!  

These two days of blizzard have been spent convelecing.

I went to quilting last week and wore my scarf on my face to protect my friends.

I have been super sick with a deep cough.

One step from pneumonia I am sure...

While posting some pics on Facebook, my new chicken pics attached to the post 

A girlfriend commented on how realistic they were...jokingly!

I almost coughed up a lung from laughing when I discovered what she was talking about!! 

Could have died!! 

No ambulance would have made it here the last two days!! 

Winters here....


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Brayden's First Christmas

Can you believe this little tyke....

Is nearly a year old?

This will be his first Christmas

Since Jaxon has his stocking, it was time to make one for Brayden!

My inspiration came from the Art to Heart book
I loved this little snowman in this book

After I called my friend, Colleen to see if SHE knew where I hid my snowmen noses

(She was no help...except she did know where hers were and offered them)

I managed to find one

The little mini buttons worked for his smile

(Just like Brayden is always doing)

Added some jingles and trim...

A name tag...looks a lot like barb wire...we are farmers...I'll go with it!!

And this stocking is ready to be stuffed!!

And it was done before Christmas Eve!

Now to attack the other Christmas projects on this list!!

25 days to go...



Monday, November 28, 2016

2016 Circle Square Retreat

You know it was a good time...
The food was FABULOUS
We were fed up like a gaggle of geese they were fatten up to make foie gras 
There were all kinds of great projects being worked on  
Ruth's tumbling blocks
Heathers stars
Maryann's butterflies  
Charlene's attic window
Debs dresdens 
As well as a ton of show and tell
Margaret's Christmas tree   
Margaret's tulip
Shelbys gifaffe
Cute eyes
Dots scrappy
Terry's French braid
Sandy's Kona Solids
Trudi's runner
Trudi's stocking for sale this weekend at the Estevan museum craft sale 
Lori's Judy Neimeyer NY beauty 
Ruth's Tula Pink
Loris attic window
Colleens 29th bday gift from Tracey and Terry 
Janes round barn 
Charlene welcome sign 
We even had some knitting....
Ruth's booties
And painting going on!
It was a fun weekend
We all came home thinking we needed to cook up some good food!! 
Winter has arrived today.
It's going to be a white Christmas 
Speaking of Christmas.....
27 days left to get that together!!!