Monday, March 19, 2018

2018 Minot Quilt Festival

It was the Minot Quilt Festival in North Dakota this weekend

We had the best time!!

You know we always travel in packs 
I never seem to get a picture of all of us!!

Thanks for saving the table, Charlene!!

It was their 25th anniversary 
they celebrated it well....

How cute is this little FQ cupcake!!

The quilts were amazing again!!

So much color every where...

Inspiration from last year's National Teacher, Susan K Cleveland...

I loved this quilt....Looks like Aurifil Thread to me!!

One day I am going to tackle this elephant....

I think he would be fabulous in black and white!!

This Glamping  made me think of you, Lori!!

My most favorite purchase was the jelly roll of Home Grown to make this rug...

One of the national teachers this year was Shelly Burge

These were some of her show and tell...

A big School house quilt...

A little school house quilt...

Shelly loves mini quilts...


Her quilts were award winning and spanned the quilting world

I loved her live chicken 

as well as her Roadkill Chicken...

I will show you what I purchased 
 the amazing gifts they gave us at every meal on the next post!!
My bulls have a date with the vet today!!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Itty Bitty Feathered Star

Sounds like it's the start of a show tune...

 it's actually just a tiny paper pieced star

I purchased these LITTLE patterns in Houston in 2016.

Thought I would give one a try...

Itty is definitely the right word!!

I started out thinking I would do all the stars in the pattern 
scaled back to....

Let's see if I will go crazy doing ONE!!

It took about 2 hours to piece this little sucker!!

It turned out adorable
 I think I will need a bit of time before tackling the rest of the package!!

It finished at 6".....

There are over 400 pieces in this little gem!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Border Creek Winter Joy

I fell in love with this pattern 
 we stopped at a quilt store in Montana last year

I got off to a good start but ran into some confusion somewhere.
(No idea what went wrong)

I took it out again for Retreat and began to tackle it again!!

It did not help that I picked a stretchy background fabric.

I know I have mistakes in my blocks 
I am going with DONE is better than in a box!

Its pretty wavy but I am determined to get this one quilted up!!

I need to do this one again as I love Border Creek Patterns 
I know it can be a lot smoother process!!

So this is definitely a redo quilt!!

I must say it feels good to have it out of the box 
and released to the wild!!