Sunday, April 26, 2015

Our Trek To Montana

It was the 25th annual quilt show in Glendive this weekend
This my 5th year of attending...

Eight of us loaded up and headed south...
We even rushed the border and had to wait for the gates to open!!
First stop is Quilts and More in Sidney....

They have a great selection of batiks, minky and western fabrics

They suggested we stop at Meadowlark Brewery for lunch
It was a really well done restaurant...

New made to look vintage....

with a window into the onsite brewery....

Lunch was simple but I think the real draw is the beer!!

Even the bathroom was cute...

Stop #3 was Enchanted Room...

It NEVER disappoints...

some shimmer done up simple...

Cute baby quilts... 

and array to die for!!!
This was Theresa's pick for her next project...

This was Charlene's for a french braid for HER!!!

Stop #4...The Quilt Show!!
This was the cutest wall hanging....

The Backdoor General Store was there with lots of Judy Neimeyer..


Haven't found my 'next' Judy yet...

The feather and crank machines were back...

This little wallhanging was even more adorable...

made of yoyo's

mini pin wheels...

the cat and watermelon...

Even the eagle...

Some wool..


This is the first 'out of the box' check mark I have seen!!

Pat Jones hung the quilt I made for her in the show.
I just might have to make one for me!!

She was really happy to see us and is doing well.
She has promised her therapist a quilt if she can give her back use of her right arm!
I think she better warm up the iron as she is coming right along!!
There were quite a few Judy's in the show

This log cabin was called Beads....

This celtic knot was incredible!!
Any one ever try the bias tape maker?
I think I am going to need one!!!

This was a beautiful combination...

It was a beautiful day spent with great friends doing what we all love!!
Call us crazy but today we are off to Moose Jaw for their quilt show!!
 Oh.. the suffering...
A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do!

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Peony Queen in a New Garden

Mrs. Jeanne Marie Wanner
Peony Queen of Torquay,Sask
There were two Jeanne Wanner's
 she would always say Mrs.Jeanne MARIE Wanner
Our Jeanne has gone to greener pastures on Monday.
  I know she will be making them into fields of flowers!! 
All my kids worked for Jeanne in her gardens when they were kids.
But Justin and Jeanne had an old soul connection.
She was so impressed with his love of farming and gardening.
Justin and his Organic Farmer Boy Truck
She said he was the first kid she ever hired who knew the difference between grass and a day lily.
Justin,14 with his glads for Farmer's Market

It wasn't long before you could see it was going to be a great friendship.
As the years went by Justin didn't wanted her to pay him.
He loved to give her a helping hand with a passion they both loved.
They have such an appreciation for gardening
  would go on road trips to a few nurseries in one day.

They would plant for weeks in the Spring.
We were blessed to know and learn her knowledge of gardening.
She honored us with slips of her favorite peonies to remember her by.

We will miss her stories and adventures that made up her 89 years here on earth.

We will miss playing tile rummy and dominoes with her.
She was a school teacher for years 
 would reprimand Arnold when she thought he was trying to cheat.
Jeanne had many of her perrenials
 moved to Creighton Lodge to be enjoyed by many for years to come.
It was a pleasure to be acquainted with you, Jeanne!!
I can only imagine the beauty you will bring to Heaven.
Love the Marcottes

Monday, April 13, 2015

Holy Dust Bunny...

Actually there wasn't that many
( bunnies are blessed) 
it was time to revamp my sewing area
A panoramic view of the distaster...

This side of my room has been my problem since this area was completed
It just was the catch all...

So started by gutting one side....
and blocking myself in on the other!!
I nearly had go out a window for lunch as I had barricaded myself from the stairs!!


Next I moved everything to the other side...
Even the myself....
I am good at moving things...Must be all those years of moving as a kid!!
(just saying)

Need to buy a few cube baskets and I think I like what I see!!

I don't know why I wait so long to tidy things up??

I feel like a new quilter and ready to hit the green mat!!

You know where to look for me...
Second Story...

Ps. Sharon, if your reading this...You will never want to leave now!!