Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Eclectic Elements Subtrates - Colorblock

I have been waiting quite a few months for this fabric! 

I loved the color from first sight! 

If you know Tim Holtz fabrics,
You already know it’s lucious! 

These blocks come in three sizes 




I have plans for this fabric! 

Just as beautiful as in pictures! 

Patchwork is going to be a ‘Mondo Bag’ 
With solid panels instead of pieced 

A little Soft and Stable by Annie’s 
Some green Crescent Wideback leftovers

Construction goes pretty fast! 

Added a label

Or two…

This bag is ready to shop! 

It’s actually the perfect size 
my featherweight with case!

What would you make?


Bundles are available 



Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Vegas, Baby…2023

One of our favorite ‘quick trip’ places 
Las Vegas, Nevada

There is always so much  you can do!

We flew out of Williston, ND
Sun Country airlines

Close, easy and affordable flights! 

We went to see Vicki Barbolak

She was a comedian 


Americas Got Talent

We had such a nice chat with her before the show

I was so happy for her to get a chance to get her own show 

Her show is at Jimmy Kimmel Comedy Club

It was Vicki’s birthday 

In true ‘trailer trash style’ …..
she was giving out little Debbie treats! 

We also went to Shim Lin and Collin Cloud. 

Shim was amazing at his card magic
Collin blew me away with his mind reading! 

We stayed at MGM Park this time

Even got some poolside time this trip! 
It was 30C! 

We went to Iceland 

On the Ultimate Flying Ride

It was absolutely beautiful scenery
Way too fast to get a chance to take in the views!

Justin stayed at our favorite place…
Mirage…soon to be Hard Rock Resort

We strolled through the exhibits at Wynn

I could afford to even breathe the air over there

But it was fun to see how the rich live! 

Getting around the strip was tricky!

Formula One is here next week

There is so much construction 
Took forever to get anywhere by transit

Grand stands are being erected in the water features 
All down the strip

It will be closed when the races begin 
The race is ON THE STRIP! 

Our hotel was across from T Mobile Arena

Arnold went to the Vegas knights game 
Against Los Angeles 

Of course, we ate at some great places 
The Crack Shack
La La Noodle House TWICE! 

Thank you to Arnold’s sister for the birthday gift….


A guy was going to pick up our bag till he saw the tag! 

We all laughed…
 his bag was red as well! 

Good times! 

Going to need to watch Formula One next week! 

Back home to winter…

Love to go 
always love HOME

Our oldest son has been on critter duty for us! 

He says the new kitten, Rescue has been a terrorist! 

Justin found her on the road one night

Super lovey and definitely was someone’s kitten! 

Thanks for the break, Jeremy! 

Friday, October 27, 2023

Cherrywood Fabrics

One of my highlights from all the amazing things I did this summer...

sounds like a horror movie....

"I know what you did last summer"

This has been on my bucket list since my first entry
 Cherrywood challenges in 2017

We stopped into Brainerd, Minnesota

Pulling up to a very unassuming little building 
 it said Cherrywood Fabrics.





The color was incredible.

I had to have this quilt! 

It's on my long arm right now! 

This sign was so cool

It was made by Bohin France...

the company in France that makes amazing sewing notions 

It is made with sticks of glass used to make pin heads 
the middle is using all pins to make the word. 

My Van Gogh and Lady Di have had the honour
 going to France WITHOUT me
 hang in their exhibit.

What a special gift!
If only Vincent and Di could talk....

Cherrywood hand dyes all their fabrics.

They are solids with a beautiful suede look and feel.

I had brought my entry for the Monarch Challenge in case we stopped 
Carla was not there that day so it stayed in the car! 

The quilting was incredible on their quilts.

So many shades of yummy color!

Then I was invited to see where the action happened...


These pastels were just fresh and new! 

My husband had come in by this time....

He was even in awe....

This is like every quilters dream crayon box! 

Stunning displays of organized color

Little bundles of pure joy...

It was such a fabulous day! 

Check that off my list! 

Any if you are ever cruising the highways in Minnesota..

The BBQ Smokehouse in Wadena, MN

It was the best takeout smoke house we had for along time! 

As you can see....

My life revolves around great food, fabric and fun!
(insert work amongst that) 




Eclectic Elements Subtrates - Colorblock

I have been waiting quite a few months for this fabric!  I loved the color from first sight!  If you know Tim Holtz fabrics, You already kno...