Friday, November 20, 2015

A Good Day at Quilting

If you haven't checked out the free tutorials
 our friend, Jenny Doan of Missouri Quilt Co

Now would be a great time!!!
Jenny is a genius......


 kind hearted enough to pose for a picture with us in Houston last year!!

I decided to try the Hunter Star

It called for 2 layer cakes

I only wanted a baby quilt so cut it down to 2 charm packs
(making it 1/4 the size)

Her technique was easy as pie!!

I used Oink a-Doodle -Moo

Even the trimmings are pretty!!

There were only 3 main blocks

and before you know it....

I had a baby quilt ready for Grand baby #2
(who is due in a couple weeks!!!)

At guild yesterday....

Terry brought some of her grandma's vintage embroidery

You just don't see hand work like these anymore

She is toying with quilting with her fabulous talents on her long arm

This is definitely a dying art...

Narrie made the CUTEST doll clothes for Christmas gifts

How sweet....

Vernelle was working on a  Bargello table top

Even the back was beautiful!!

There was a new addition to the family of Featherweights at quilting

Terry recently acquired her grandma's white singer

I think she should call her Milly after her g-ma!!

Even the box is cute!

With no room on Terry's table,

her black Featherweight went up for adoption!!

It NEARLY started a bidding war 
in the end... went to Colleen!!
(a good home is important when it comes to adoption)

I think winter has arrived in our neck of the woods.

Let the sewing begin....


Sunday, November 15, 2015

Farmer's Wife Quilt...Part 2

 Some of the essentials in my tool box......

 for Paper piecing these Farmer blocks...

Crayons, Lint Roller, and a pad of Doodle paper!!

The paper is bigger than 8 1/2 x 11 
 I just rotary cut it to size

Much cheaper at the dollar store than the quilt store!!!

These are some of the next blocks I have completed.....

 97 Tracey...

25 Crystal
(closest thing to Christa)

26 Daffodil
(I made it Iris)

27 Dinah

29 Doris

30 Em
(84 for TINY pieces in a 6' block!!!!!!!!!!!
 So just squint at the not so perfect piecing)

33 Farmer's Wife
(my favorite as of right now)

34 Fern

35 Flora

49 Katherine

76 Nancy

77 Nellie

98 Viola

99 Widow

I think I have 49 blocks done out of the 99.

Getting there!


Friday, November 13, 2015

Fire Skies and Fence lines

Where has this week gone to??

Driving home last Sunday from Estevan the skies were amazing..

Minus the dirty windows of the truck....

I love the reflection in the water....

Remembrance Day was spent with a few moments of silence

Between all the cows bellering as we sorted the last pasture 
 brought them home


The dogs love 'helping' 

Looks more like a rodeo

Those were some seriously fat heifers. 

Summer was good to them!!

The rest of this week has been spent on moving a fence line over 300 feet.

Not what I had planned for my November 
with a new power line going through,

 it was safer to move it than take a chance on it electrocuting some cows!! 

Pretty efficient at fencing now!! 

4 days....

New fence up and old fence down!!

Chantel sent me a picture of Jaxon this afternoon. I need my a Pooh Bear kind of nap!!

Have a great weekend


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Remembrance Day

Take some time to remember all those who fought for our freedom 
Those who continue to serve our country.

We are very blessed to live in such an amazing country 

Lest we forget....