Thursday, May 17, 2018

Royal Weekend Quilt Show

Not only....

 is it the Royal Wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry this weekend!!

To celebrate this union,

 we are having our Royal Quilt Show!!

Get into your Sunday best 
  wear that facinator you never had a place to wear!!

 Feather Net Fascinators 1 Wedding Special Occasion Headpiece

You're going to be amazed at the quilts!!

You won't be disappointed....

See you Sunday...


Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mothers Day.....

To all the women out there!!

Whether you have kids or not, 

Image result for mothers day meme funny

You have made someone's life a little better with your thoughtfulness and love!!

To my Mom, Heather Cyr

Thank you for all your love and support through all the years!!

Love you to pieces....

You know,

I will always help you sew them back together!!

Happy Mothers Day!


Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Skip Spring....Here's Summer!!

Well, the Weyburn Quit Show was fabulous!!

Justin and I had so much fun seeing all our quilting friends.

Everyone said they could see my new sign from the entrance.

We brought 130 different Fit for a Queen backs 
3 kinds of Quilter's Dream Battings

It was a color explosion!!

From Flannels to Cottons!!

It was great to see these two young fire crackers at the Quilt show!

Rose Van de Woystene and Sara Harder!!

They are still quilting up a storm with the Heart and Hands Guild of Estevan, Sk.
Sara is coming on 90!!

Thanks for bringing them, Eleenor!!

Then it was straight into seeding....

I was teasing how my GPS was working in the field...

Pretty straight lines for Girl Powered Steering!

The flax is in and almost finished the wheat....

I am hoping that the old wives tale of...

'Seed in the dust and your bins will bust, 

Seed in the mud and the crop will be a dud'

holds true as it was a hot mess of dust out there!!

Mom offered to make us some food 
I was never so happy to take her up on it...Bring water, PLEASE!!

With such amazing temps,

We held an impromptu bonfire with some friends....

Lucy was sure to make sure all chairs were going to be comfortable...

Dawson was so hot she hopped into the watering bowl...

It's a jack russell sized pool...

And if we were not busy enough....

One of Justin's new guilts decided to surprise us....

The Cattle cameras turned into Piggy cams....

She ended up with 8 little piggies!!

Baby pigs are so adorable!!

All are doing well!!

Back to the field....


Hoping to make it to The Prairie Piecemakers Quilt Show in Regina this weekend

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Weyburn Crocus Quilters Show

The crates are packed...

The Quilters Dream Battings are bagged

The Fit for a Queen backings are binned.

All 130 different backings!!
(I know...I was surprised myself...)

Konfetti Thread packs by Wonderfil have arrived

We are ready to go be a vendor at the Weyburn Quilt Show this weekend!!

I say 'WE' as it takes a village to do a show!!

I could not do it without the help of my partner in crime/son, Justin
possibly my mom!!

It will be held on Friday, April 27th from 4-9pm
Saturday, April 28th from 10-4pm

It will be at the Weyburn Curling Rink. 

I will be doing a demo on backings and battings on Saturday at 1pm

You can see the rest of this....

and a little more of this....

Hope to see you there!!


Saturday, April 14, 2018

Have Backpack, Will Travel

You know me.... I love to travel.....

I hope every one had a great Easter!

We spent it with all our families so there was not much travel needed!!

As you can see,

 it took a toll on the bunny population at our house...

Arnold doned an apron 
 cooked breakfast for us on Sunday morning!

With this cold snap, 
(who am I is still cold!!)

it has been no guilt sewing weather.....

I have nearly completed all my projects acquired from the Minot Quilt Show!!

This door prize of Bags by Annie were in our registration.

I loved the little purse/back pack.

I purchased this Duck fabric before seeing these patterns.

I thought it would make a cute backpack...

I had enough for two packs...

This was number one....

And Number Two...

I think I know a little girl who this will be perfect for!
Don't you love when all the fabric is used up for that project...

One project left to go from Minot...

Come on Spring!!


Thursday, April 12, 2018

Where Do The Years Go...

I am sure that is what my dad is thinking today!!

He is 70 years young!

Dad's favorite thing to do it dirt bike in the desert!

With Spring quickly approaching you need to watch this....

70 is not what it used to be that's for sure. 

There are not a lot of guys out biking at 70!!

It's the new 50.

He worked a hard life 
 a drywaller, 

store owner x 3
(Torquay, Halbrite and Chermanius)

Image result for coal truck pictures
a truck driver 

and many other jobs!!

He has thoroughly been enjoying retirement and being a snow bird now!

He`s been dabbling in new hobbies like kayaking

We nearly lost him in October 2017

But with a new valve in his heart, 

He`s good to go for another 70!!

The job he has been the best at....

 is being our dad!!

Now to get that cake made...

What was that again...

Chocolate with jam in between the layers??

Happy birthday, Dad!!

We love you!!

Monday, April 2, 2018

How to Build A Log Cabin.....

.....Quilt that is!!

You take one door prize of fabric from a friend...

Thank you to Pineapple Fabrics for this door prize from Minot!!

Use the ruler and book from Marti Mitchell
 you have owned for 1 1/2 years now....

And start chopping this wood up.....

I wanted to use all the fabric from this grouping.

I used the yardage  to make the log cabins...

The charm squares for the offset flying geese...

I added random browns from my stash
 make 2 REALLY large Log cabin blocks

Which I cut in half for each corner....

There was no pattern...

just building as I went...

Trying new techniques.....

That included when it came to the quilting...

I recently watched some videos by Angela Walter
 how to use her rulers by Creative Grids

This is Slim....

and Archie!!

Keep in mind I do not have the right foot for using these...YET!

But I used them as a guide line for now...

Tried some pebbling...



You name it....

I tried it all as this is the only way a person learns....

I am definitely in Kindergarten!!

D- ....there is always room for improvement...