Friday, July 13, 2018

I Did It Again.....

Last year I entered the Cherrywood Fabrics Challenge

The theme was Van Gough using their hand dyed blues.

It had to read 70% blue, be 20" square and be reflective of Van Gogh.

I was a finalist 
it made it in their book!!

It's actually still on tour.

My family tried to get me to one of the viewings when it was in Minnesota this summer 
there is never a dull day around this farm.

I couldn't drag them that far for a quick peak.

This years challenge was purple.

Like BLUE...Purple is my 'next' favorite color!!

This was my entry for a quilt based on Prince (the singer)

I called it 'Let It Rain'

The list was published this morning at 4am!!

Third of the list!!!


If you want to see the real thing before it goes touring.....

Mom and I are off to the lake today

To set up the artisan cabin for the weekend
Moose Mountain Park,Sk

Come for a visit today or tomorrow!!


Saturday, July 7, 2018

A Whole Lot of Haying Going on!!

July 7!!!!!! 

Where are the days going??

We have been thrust into the thick of haying.

Quite the difference from last year where we had NO hay....

This is the heaviest hay I have ever cut!!

So if you don't hear from me for another stretch,

You know where to find me....the tractor!!

Last weekend was crazy busy....

We celebrated our grandson, Jaxon's 5th birthday!!

Arnold's mom's 80th birthday

Just some of  Marie's grandchildren.....

all grown up with kidoos of their own!!

We made a picture frame which everyone had a whole lot of fun with!!

My daughter Chantel and her boys....


Justin and his cousins, Gordon and Scott

We do have a third child....Jeremy but he always seems to duck out!!

We asked Chantel and Gordon to take pics with our phones.....

We got a whole lot of this.....

A couple of goof balls!!

I gave Marie her portrait of when she was 16 
was in the running for Fair Queen in Estevan,Sk.

I think she liked it.

I didn't know purple was her favorite color till I saw her flowers!!

We celebrated Canada Day with a trip to Kenossee Lake to the Artisan Cabins

Ken Frederickson is working on  a few new pieces.

Loved his incorporation of little bears on the back of this bear's head

Margaret Delainey is back!!

She broke her knee last year and was out for the whole season!!

She has some of her daughter's pics at the cabin this year!

It added a new flair!!

Shirley Rumble is also a resident painter in one of the cabins.

Love her works!!

Shirley is 83 years young!! 

She is such a fire cracker!!
She skunked Arnold in 3 games of cards...

If you get time, go to the lake and check out the artisans!!

Hope your summer is off to a great start!!

Got to pack my lunch.....

You know...Make hay while the sun shines!


Thursday, June 21, 2018

Some Cyreous Business

June 21....

First day of Summer


My parents anniversary!!

And not just any anniversary.....


Take one pretty woman...

Heather Cullum

And one handsome man...

Gerald Cyr

Next thing you know you have one cute kid....
(yah..I's me)

Heather, Gerald, Christa 

or three cute kids!

Tannis, Christa , Larissa

Larissa, Tannis, Heather, Gerald, Christa

True love...

Those 3 cute kids get married and make more people.....


 We have grown to a family of 21 people!!

This is my immediate family..

We had an awesome time celebrating this event at Cypress Park last weekend!

My sister, Larissa put together a slideshow that had us all in tears!!

It's been so long since we all had time to just hang out together.

All our kids are adults now...

The only little kids are my two grandsons!

Thank you to mom and dad for all you have provided us!

Life has been an adventure!

25 moves - BC to Ontario and back

Owned 2 grocery stores and a video store

Sailed and canoed the lakes

Lived in the Bush with a pack of sled dogs

Thanks for being amazing role models and parents

Love yah,


Monday, June 18, 2018


Otherwise known as the season where you hit the ground running...

8 short weeks of sun and fun!!

As you can see...

Summer has arrived with all the flowers blooming!

I realize I have been a very bad blogger....

But in my defense...

I have been super busy with seeding and getting cows to pasture.

The cows are usually gone around May 5th 
 with such dry conditions there was no grass yet.

Thank goodness for the last few rain storms!!

I hope Thursday's storm is the last for the summer!!
This photo was taken by Jeremy Russell
 of the possible tornado
 on Thursday near Estevan,Sk

With crops in and the cows finally gone.....

The garden seeded....

My 50th Birthday celebrated with family and friends...

Spoiled with gifts of fabric and this amazing bench made by Chantel

My sisters and mom made a list of the things that make me special.

It was pretty cute....

#29 Can get a weeks worth of work in 2 days.....

 Brenda King?? Were you talking to my family???

I loved #31 and 32...

31 - I am an animal whisperer....


32 - I can castrate a pig....

Justin's piglets were not whispered when #32 was in use last week.

Also not something I usually put on my resume.

Now you know... the secret is out!!

I haven't had a ton of sewing time.

It's a good thing I bought a big machine as Lucy can be 'close'

I did give Amy Ellis' pattern Hyperspeed a try...

I have to say my version has failed Amy miserably....

I thought the blocks would work...

No contrast what so ever- 

I am going to have to use this as a back or add some kind of snazzy border!!

Sorry, Amy!!

But on a brighter note...

My Ricky Tim's exchange quilt arrived on Friday!!

This was made by Gwen Mitsche of Wisconsin.

She made a mini bargello as her rendition
 the Canadian Rockies 
the open Plains.

She did hand quilting and bead work which is hard to see in the picture.

Thanks so much, Gwen!!!

This was my exchange quilt for her.

I made a mini wedding ring quilt.

This quilt is only 20" square 
 has 72 rings!!!

I used bias strips to make the rings stitching down both sides of each ring.

This is truly international as the blue is from Hawaii 
the green is from Bali.

The intersections were too small to piece so I used little sequin flowers 
beads to tie it all together.

My free hand machine stitching definitely needs improving.

They really do not flow like I would have liked 


It was a fun project.

 I love thinking outside the box!!

Hope she loves it!!