Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Evolution of a Butterfly

OK.. call me crazy...

It is Heart and Hands Retreat this weekend in Kenosee Lake, Sk


 I try to pick a mindless project so I can concentrate on visiting.

Not this year....

This Butterfly has been in the cocoon stage for awhile...

With it's many blocks to contemplate,

it has taken alot of thinking!!

I gathered a few interesting stripes, batiks and prints

Started cutting out the blocks and bagging them for retreat

But as they got more complicated.

I remembered how I was able to keep the last project all together for guild

As I cut each set of blocks, 

I layered them on my design board and Press and Sealed each layer

This way.... it's all laid out and ready to sew when I get there!!


What may not be so GENIUS is what the end result will be!!
Might be more 'Mad Scientist' or  'complete do-over'...

Stayed tuned...


Thursday, October 13, 2016

Quadrants Quilt

I finally found some time to get to quilting

My 'Quadrants' quilt 

It is the quilt I tested for Gudrun Erla
 for her new book
'Stripology Squared'

I tried quilting with my industrial machine

which I have come to the conclusion.....

it is TOO FAST


you heard it here....

Too fast for free motion quilting!!

Now to get it bound!

I also made up some self binding receiving blankets.

Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co. has a great tutorial on this easy gift

I used two Westrade wideback flannels from my recent order

It takes a 40"x 40" square 
a 30" x 30" square.

With two Westrade widebacks,

 you get 9 receiving blankets of alternating combinations

As an added little bonus,

 I stitched a 'ps.I love you' tag into the seam

Quick and Easy!!

And speaking of Baby gifts....

Wouldn't this make an cute baby quilt??


I need more time in a day!!


Monday, October 3, 2016

Sustenance of Life

Some say it's food...
BUT without water...food doesn't grow!!
We have been so dry for the past few years.
Our dugouts are super low....

We spent the weekend pumping two dugouts into one big one
 to make sure
 we have enough water under the ice this winter!!
(I tell yah...that dog makes it into every photo without even trying)

It was quite the angle since the water is so low!!

The weather couldn't have been nicer.
We also went for a drive to Angusville, Manitoba

to look at some new Herford cows
(kind of ironic...herfords in 'Angus'ville....)


We have purchased from this breeder before
love their cows.
Justin and I both said at the same time 'How cute!!'
Then had to remind ourselves...look at hooves,udders, confirmation
But really....aren't they adorable??

The trees in Manitoba were incredible
The colors of fall were everywhere
The farmers in Manitoba seem to respect old homesteads leaving them standing.
Such heritage...

And no road trip is complete without a stop at a quilt store!!
We made it with 20 minutes to spare to Shirley's Sewing Room in Moosomin
Where if you look closely...
you will see Sharon Armstrong in the window coming to greet us!


Shirley and I are sisters from another mother.
She loves blue as much as I do...

and stars couldn't look better in blue!!

Her new store looks amazing...

Which you could have seen
I would have taken pictures of something other than her amazing 'Blue' 'Star' quilts

I hope your weekend was as productive as mine!!
I hear winter is coming this week!!




Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fall Days

With harvest complete and most Fall work done,

Dawson has been catching up on her sleep....

I have been finding my way to my sewing room...

I started working on Cherry Sprinkles with Sweetwater fabric

If I read instructions....... it would be some much easier...

but since I only bought a jelly roll....

I have had to do some rearranging to make it work...

It will be a table runner for a friend

Now to quilt it!!

Project #2....

I cut all the pieces ahead of time to work on at Guild

I put them on my design board 
Press and Sealed them

I didn't lose a single piece!!

It came together quickly

If this looks very similar to the runner.....

It is!!

I used the leftovers of the jelly roll!!

Show and Tell at Guild...

Charlene's hand quilted Tiles

Charlene's Hawaii project ready to quilt

Charlene was a busy girl...

Her completely hand sewn hexie quilt

Lori's Stars 

Love it!!