Monday, June 20, 2016

A Beautiful Day for a Quilt Show

If you noticed any of these signs along they way..

I hope your anticipation was met with satisfaction!!

After loads of tea cups and quilts....

We transformed the school gym into a beautiful tea party...

We hung over 200 quilts...

all new ones since our last show!!

Our vintage display which most machines had been acquired within the last 2 years...

That is my crank machine on the bottom..

Now if I can figure out how to cut hay and sew in the tractor....

My booth was hopping!!

Thank you to all who purchased.....
all those who just came for a visit!!

It was great to see you all!!

There were bags galore...

Many group projects from classes we took...

We were honoured with a group from The Red Hat Society!!!


This was our first Bed Turning.

We told stories of 2 quilts from each member.

I think we touched our audience with our epic tales of some of our quilts.

We started the show with my first quilt which is just in tatters now.

I was shocked that when I asked Irene Roy if she would restore it for me...

She said..CHUCK IT!!

It was great to see Irene again.

She has a special place in our group 
 she made the trek from Saskatoon to see it!!

I told my kids to chuck it along time ago but they can't part with it!!
It was great to see family and friends from far and wide.

There were over 120 women who came to spend the day with us!

back-Terry Whitman,Colleen Marcotte,Jane Marcotte,Vernelle Rasmuson,Theresa Stepp,Charlene Wimmer,Chris Marcotte
Front-Narrie Lowe, Christa Marcotte, Tracey Holzer, Lori Lowen,MaryAnn Whitman

These works of art came from these 12 fabulous quilters!!

If you want to see some more fabulous pictures of the great day

Click on over to Brenda's Wit Walking and Mrs. Hojo's Blog

Thanks for the great post,Brenda and Elaine!!

Can't thank you enough for coming, everyone!!

Special thanks
 Heather, Marianna, Chantel, Lorin, Arnold and Justin for the extra help!!

A show is nothing without friends to share it with!

Now going to put this stuff away...


Thursday, June 16, 2016

2016 Block Party Quilt Show

It's our Quilt Show on Saturday!!

Hope to see you there!!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Estevan Art Museum

It is amazing how quickly you forget Winter was just here...

Only a few short weeks ago

Already.... bursts of color every where!!

These are Aunty Annette's flowers...

She had a spectacular green thumb!!

This got me to thinking.....
 how good it is to stop and smell the roses....

I always tell myself to stop in at the Art Museum in Estevan 
I am ALWAYS too busy.

So this week I made the time...

I can't say it was what I expected to see when I saw the sign

It was BIKES....

Custom made Motorbikes....

Lamps made from parts....

and gears..


It may not have been my 'thing' but they were works of art none the less!!

The second exhibit was PEDAL bikes....

I loved how they were all suspended from the ceiling..

The history of the bike was interesting....

I always took CCM for granted!!

I am sure most of us have owned a bike from this company.

Never appreciated this Canadian company.

A rare 1950's Sunshine bike owned by Souris Valley Museum in Estevan

This company made agriculture equipment.

That's why this bike is still in such great shape since it is solid steel construction!!

Sekine from Japan started importing into Canada in the 1970's

CCM lobbies for a tarriff against the company 
Sekine opened a factory in Rivers, Manitoba to get around it!!

I think everyone can relate to a couple of these bikes

owning one or two in their own lifetime!!

It was also nice to see a tribute to Evelyn Johnson who recently passed away.

She was a dynamic and innovative woman!!
She was a real going concern for all things creative and positive!

It was an honour to have crossed paths with Evelyn!

I am sure she is riding her way
 through the next phase
 spreading all kinds of culture and knowledge!


Monday, June 6, 2016

Tea Party

Charlene made this cute little tea pot for her newly painted kitchen.

It was fitting show and tell for guild
 it was Tea cozy day! 

We mass produced 16 cozies 
 keep the tea warm at our upcoming show

Only TWO WEEKS to get ready!!!

June 18th 
 Torquay Community Center

Doors open at 11

Party starts at 1!!

Some of the other show and tell...

Vernelle made the cutest little wall hanging

It used the Thangles templates

Some of these blocks had over 50 pieces!!

Vernelle also finished quilting her Kaleidoscope quilt

We had a couple of visitors from Estevan Guild

Eileen brought her Farmgirl mini blocks

I loved the little cow...


and Chicken!!

The chicken fabric on the chicken was so cute!!

Eileen also debuted her Lumberyard quilt....

Her sister, Elenor showed her red and white quilt 
 delectable mountains border

This was the quilt that inspired me 
 put the same border on my Farmer's Wife quilt

Thanks for all the inspiration!!

Like I needed another project...

Anyone need to sell their Farm Girl Patterns??