Monday, January 15, 2018

Burning Up The Thread

I have to say I am LOVING my  new Bernina 770

I always said I never had an urge to do any embroidery...ever...

But when the embroidery unit came free with it,

I figured what the heck....

In the first 4 days I had already sewn up 3 sets of dishclothes

 A couple of stockings for some family members 

who were spending Christmas with us!!

I have been having a ton of fun trying different threads

And the design possibilities.... 

That in itself is a whole new addiction!!

I may need a psychiatrist by the end of this one!!!
I have some fabulous variegated threads and love this elephant design...

It was my first attempt...

I love how it turned out!!

Next was this horse.....

What will I do with these you say....

I REALLY don't know...

But I love it and it makes me happy......PERIOD

Isn't that what life is all about??

Going to look for some more critters...


Thursday, January 11, 2018

Escargot by the Ocean

More like Snails Trail!!

I have been wanting to do a Snail's trail 

with a Storm at Sea(the ocean) block

Image result for storm at sea block

To make something like this....

Image result for storm at sea snails trail block

So I have begun the challenge of making it a size I want

God forbid I make it easy and buy a pattern!!

I feel like a 'Storm' needs to be the color of water 

So I am using(sacrificing) some of my Bali finds...

Let's see where this one takes me!!


Monday, January 8, 2018

Happy Birthday, Chantel

Where does the time go??

Seems like only yesterday she was born!!

Arnold, Chantel, Jeremy




Having kids of her own!!

Happy Birthday, Chantel!!

31 years young!!

Hope you have a fabulous day!
I am sure the boys can get Google to sing you Happy Birthday..

about 10 times today!!

Mom & Dad

Thursday, January 4, 2018

How Not to Ring in the New Year

Some friends asked us to go to Four Bears Casino in New Town, ND

We thought it was a great way to bring in the New Year!!

We checked in to find the king room we booked 

Image result for king
was reduced to a double room.

We asked for our original booking
 they said they were completely booked

We continued on with our night enjoying some fun and laughs with our friends

At around 11pm,

 we asked if any King rooms opened up.

Yup...they had one. 

As we transferred our things to the new room,

 they were in the room cleaning it.


'freshly cleaned’ i guess.

We carried on ringing in the New Year. 

We went back to our room around 2:30am.

It was not much warmer than the temp outside which was -40C

The heater was cranked to +30C when we left earlier in the night
it had not made a dent in raising the temp!!
Changing rooms was not an option

I sent Arnold to the front desk to get some extra blankets
 there was just a thin sheet on the bed 

Their response was they had lost the key to housekeeping....
Image result for house keeping logo
That’s the best excuse you can come up with??

I filled the tub with pure hot water,

 hoping to steam the room up to a decent temp.

I crawled into bed with my jammies.

The memory foam bed as freezing! 

I got out of bed 
 put my long underwear, socks and sweater on over my jammie!!

In Arnold's words...Seeexxy!!

If we hadn't been drinking....

 we probably would have got in the car and drove home!!

I even considered plugging in the iron,

 wrapped in towels to make a hot rock in bed! 

Thank goodness we had been ‘celebrating’ as we did manage to get to sleep.

We would have been fine with a twin bed
 we slept glued together for body heat.

In the morning, we headed for breakfast.

As we went to get in the elevator, the fire alarm went off.

We ran to the room and got our coats,
 in case,
 we had to go outside in the frigid temps.

I texted my girlfriend to see if she was coming.

They didn't even hear the alarm.

No one was coming out of their rooms.

We took the stairs and went to the front desk to ask about the emergency.

They didn't know...

might be a fire in the kitchen but no worries!!

I had visions of the joint burning up
 with all these heaters on max 
shorting out!!

When I checked in the night before,

 I signed papers that said the room was 60$

When I checked out the total was 150$

That was the last straw...

I complained stating I wasn't paying that!!

They said it was an event night so it was going to be more.

I said 'It was NO EVENT night!!'

 No heat or blankets and wearing all our clothes to bed?!?!?!? 

I paid 60$

Another day in my life....

Good thing we have a sense of humour!


Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017...What a Year!!

I hope your Christmas was filled with food, family and fun!!

Ours was very filled with food.

So much for that 10lbs I melted off in Bali!!

We played lots of cards and had plenty of fun!

Good bye 2017......

We started 2017 off with a vacation to Hawaii


Only had one adventure after us.....

Thank you, Seth for trying!!

They have never been heard from since....

We had a snow storm from Hell

This was the day before... gorgeous out...

 We knew the storm was coming and spent the day preparing...

Day 2


The wind and snow really blew!!

We dug out of that.....

Calving went well till we had 2 C- sections in 24 hours...

We took in a few quilting trips.....

 The Minot Quilt Festival.

They do such a great job!!

Last year they had Susan K Cleavland

She was amazing!!

If you are looking for something to do its always a good time!

The Meeting of Guilds hosted by Weyburn Crocus Quilters

Enjoyed the Moose Jaw quilt show

Took in the Metachos quilt retreat

Purchased a new set of irons...

New to me anyways..

Seeded in the dust...
the bins didn't bust...

Never rained again all summer!!

Watched a jiggers jig on by...

Hosted a Father and his daughters treking to BC

My key for safe travels proved to get them there!

Celebrated Canada's 150th farmer style...

Made gifts for babies abroad...

and babies in the neighbourhood....

A Sew Kind of Wonderful Country Chic 

Added a couple of Abeline cows to the herd...

Worked on a Fair Queen's portrait

Maple Creek Quilt Show

Spent a week at the Artists Colony again

Even Arnold loved it...

He and Shirley Rumble battled it out in cards

My Tula Pink Butterfly in Blue took flight....

One pink bear...

5 commission quilts...

The Cherrywood Challenge for 2017

My rendition was a finalist and is now travelling....

Even was published in this book!!

Our family had a reflection on how much we love life...

We were not ready to let dad go yet
(I know he was not ready to go yet either)
 with this new valve,

 he is going to be down right dangerous!!

Throw in 15 days in Bali...


That was quite the year!!

It really flew by...

Look out 2018!!

Happy New Year to all who made our 2017 so fabulous!!

Auld Lang Syne
(times gone by)