Monday, December 10, 2018

Star of Hope

On my last day in Palm Springs,

I was surfing Instagram.

Image result for instagram logo

 I ran across an application 
to be
 an ambassador for 2019 for Island Batiks

Am I the best quilter??

Hell..... no!!

But I do LOVE to sew 
With every project I promise myself I will do it better. 

Sometime it works..sometime I still have to work on it!!

What do I have to lose??


Of was the last day to apply.

Working with fabulous Batiks....

New and exciting challenges...

I filled out the application.

The final part was sending in a 12.5" block.

What's a girl to make??

I have made many intricate quilt blocks....

I perused my options.

Then this jumped out....

After all, I can only HOPE that I have a chance!!

I sacrificed some of my precious batiks I purchased in Bali last year.

I thought maybe it would bring a little good luck!!
Tick, Tock...

Now to wait and see if I am a contender!!


Sunday, December 9, 2018

The Rest of the Story...Palm Desert 2018

There was a list of 'Must do's' at the house.

A Dole Whip was one of them.

You always think 'really???'

Yup...This was DEFINITELY a must do!!
It was not ice cream.

It was blended pineapple juice.

It was so was ridiculous!!!

You have no idea!!

The Tram was on the list so we hit that up!!

You start at 2600 feet and go up to 6000 feet!!

Sand to Snow!!

Pictures can't do it justice...

but it gives you an idea!!

Here is a video of part of the trip down!

The inside rotates in a circle as you travel for 360 views twice!

There was a ton of people going up 
 really nice as only a few came down with us!

I am sure you can see right over to Yuma!!

Larissa took a hike at the top 
 it was pretty slippery and dangerous!!

Mom and dad headed home the next day!!

Sad to see them go but was great to see them again!

The Living Desert Zoo was on Larissa's list so we hit that up next.

Tannis took these amazing photos of the animals!

The hummingbirds were not afraid of people at all!!

The vulture wing span was HUGE!!

There were 3 sister Cheetahs.

We stopped at Shields Date farm.

Nothing like fresh dates!!

The date shakes tasted like Chocolate shakes!!


Pizza at Stuft Pizza was gourmet!!

We tried to go to the Villagefest downtown in Palm Springs 
Torrential rains cancelled it so we browsed the Art Museum instead

This made me think of my friend, Jymmi Kaye

She took a class in Houston on stitching these little mirrors in embroidery

Art is definitely in the eye of the beholder...

This was sliced bread nibbled to make a picture of a guy somersaulting


Textures are an art form in themselves...

Looks like a quilted wall

This Persian rug was so cool.

That too some work to incorporate the color 

to look like it was pouring on the floor

Drift wood horse....

Some massive soup bowls

And if you have any unused golf bags....

You can make a totem pole!!!

It is always an experience!!

I hit up one quilt store. 

Monica's Quilt and Bead Creations

Dangerous combination for me!

I like fabric and beads like my sisters love wine!!

I did manage to get out with just a couple of patterns.

This Laura Heine fish also screamed Jymmi Kaye...

I purchased the pattern to make these baskets...

I am always drawn to blues and  points!!

These yo-yo tea towels were adorable!

I could see myself wintering in a place like this...

It was hard to say good bye to warmth, 

flowers and green grass

But Winter has it's own beauty too!!

I spotted the WestJet Tarmack crew with a sign as we flew away...

You're our favourite guest...Yeah...You.


Got to love all they do to make it feel personal!!

Now to get back to regularly scheduled programming...

Christmas projects!

17 days to go...