Saturday, May 2, 2020

Fencing and fingers

Spring has definitely arrived in Southern Saskatchewan!

This is the reason they call it the" Land of the Living Skies"

I have tried to make it to my sewing room every day this week
the crew and I were summoned to do some fencing all week

Helper #1

 Dawson played out after day 3....

These three were useless...

All they did was hold down the tools in the quad...

Justin managed to keep all his fingers in tack this round!!

Unlike in November,
when we tried to do this fence!!

 I look forward to not dealing with barb wire for a while now!

At least the weather was nice 
 the skies were gorgeous!

We have all the preworking done...

Only stuck once....

Had to get the big guns over to help!

Some farmers have had to burn their 2019 crops
 that have laid in the field all winter
to get ready to seed

Here's hoping for a better harvest this year!

Justin has been sneaking in small rides on his new horse, Flash.

It's officially Spring,
 when you find new baby kitties...

As far as quilting....

I saw this picture of a chicken 
I just had to do it.

I enlarged him to the size I wanted...

I have some Eclectic Elements fabric
 by Tim Holts
 I will use for his feathers

This is only as far as I have gotten...

Masks have still been requested 
Lucy has been supervising that activity!

Thank you to Chantel and Anita Brown for the awesome trade
Hillberg and Berk earrings

for some masks!!

Not necessary but much appreciated!


Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Surviving Easter

I hope everyone was able
 have a decent Easter 
 it was socially distanced.

Ours was pretty quiet.

I have to say...
Lindt really let me down.

I LOOOOVE hollow easter bunnies.

The ears are always the first and best bite.

But this bunny was crumbly and hard.

He is still sitting on the counter in this condition.

His date was still good.

I know... 

First world problems in a pandemic world.....

Moving on!!

The weather has been Spring like every other day.

Timber was soaking up the rays the other day!

Grain has been moving....

Getting ready for seeding

One thing we are missing is the regular farm auction season.

They will all be online this time.

We were able to socially distance check out some equipment 
a local sale coming up.

It always impresses me with the ingenuity of farmers.

This old truck had some new age upgrades

Got to love this 'Captain's Seat'

I told the farmer the only thing
 I see missing is a seat belt!!

Lots of room for critters as I have 4 dogs!!
And look at this great use of a bolt for a thumb press!

Great use of local materials!

My latest project 
Aztec Sky
Taralee Quiltery

Using Robert Kaufman hand painted batik

I have fussy cut this 
 place the gradation of color

I am doubling the size of this quilt. 

This one is going to be for my bed!

Hope everyone if still safe and healthy!

Here is a little giggle for you

Still makes me laugh!!

Friday, April 10, 2020

Row by Row by Canadian Quilt Association

The Canadian Quilt Association 
 hosting a

This is the start of my quilt! 

I am using a batik from Celestial Batik line
 with pieces from my stash
my favorite backing as background!

Pretty sad that this is all it takes for one row!!

I always have a multitude of projects
 on the go
 in various stages of quilting

This one fits right in to my menagerie!

Row two was pretty cool!
I made it to look like it was twisting around the black!

Row three....
(insert unhappy face)

I was going to make the star tips black 
changed my mind at the last minute.

Next time, stick to your original plan....

You can't even tell its a star....

Might have to do that row again...

Head over to their site to print off the free patterns.

They won't be there long!
On to row four!!


Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Emmaline Wallet

I have never made a mask in my life....

But this last month I have made over 50 for a local Pharmacy
friends and family requests.

So imagine my surprise when I received this beautiful easter cake

and cookies


in exchange for some masks!!!

Check out her FB site.

Truly works of art!!
(and taste as good as they look!!)

It was so nice to be appreciated for my efforts!

In between mask making, 

I wanted to make a wallet to match my new bag!

This bag and wallet are patterns by Emmaline Bags

(Another fabulous Canadian company)

It was very well written 

an easy project

That resulted in a super useful wallet!!

I used a product called Decofuse as my interfacing.

It was flexible, fusible and sturdy.

The hardware was purchased from Emmaline.

I plan to make this again!

Thank you, 
Emmaline for some great projects!

Quarintine time = Quilting time!

If you are looking for some interesting reading
 this time of seclusion...

Paisley's Quiltshop
 recently asked to add my blog to her list.

Madonna has a quilt shop 
was originally from Bengough, Saskatchewan! 

She has compiled a nice list of Canadian bloggers! 

I need to do a virtual quilt show posting
 all my quilting friends projects!

These peeps have been busy! 

Stay safe and healthy, everyone!


Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Calving Season or Quarantine

That is the question...

Life for us around here has not changed much

in this pandemic time

When calving season starts, we don' leave home much anyways!

We spend most of the time watching cows...



This is my version of Border Creek Station's 2018
Stash Buster quilt

FINALLY getting bound!

Which is Lucy favorite thing to do!

Speaking of cats...

This picture was a class in Houston.

I wanted to do it so bad
 the class filled in  blink of an eye!

I can't find the original maker's name.

Possibly Jane Haworth?

If any one knows, 

please inform me as I would love to give credit for the inspiration!

I have had this in my 'to do' list for some time
HOW can I do it.... was my dilemma

I started by making a grey scale copy....

I knew I didn't have the color options to do this justice as in the original.

I wanted it to be around 16" x 20"

I cut out my black background 
began hacking up my 'fur' fabric.

I was ready to chuck it at this stage 
 I couldn't see the forest for the trees...

I walked away for a few days...

Then I started to pick away at it a little each day.

Before you know it,

I had crossed the bridge and was loving what I was seeing.

It was all in the eyes.

Sometime, I impress myself!
Stay healthy and safe!