Sunday, January 22, 2017

Bumming Around Hawaii

We have been everywhere,man....
Up the coast and around again...
We had to stop at Flatbread Pizza in Paia 
So yummy!!!
Maui Ocean Center  in Maalaea .....
just in case we missed some fish snorkelling...

I loved the sea horses

 And Octopus

Some days we just grab some buns, cheese and ham....

Who knew...Canadian Bacon in Hawaii!!!

The birds in Hawaii are very tourist friendly....

I have fed them at the beach, at a picnic, even on the boat!!

Stopped at a few quilt stores...

The Maui Quilt Shop in Kihei

Some Glass blowers in Makawao


The jellyfish were incredible 

As well as the bowls that looked like chrysanthemum flowers

If it's blue....I love it!

I have made sure to stay hydrated through all this exploring...

Lime margaritas help to quench a girls thirst....I was pretty thirsty!! 

Today's lunch was kaluha pork and pineapple pizza 

Arnold had fish tacos

You know....

When in as the Romans!!

I am doing my best! 



Friday, January 20, 2017

Snorkelling at Molokini Crater

We hired a boat and went snorkelling out in the ocean today
Was pretty bobby out there but the fish were incredible!! 
On our way back,we got to feed the birds some muffins
They could keep up to the boat and land on our hands to eat!
Too cute!!
Our captain was really good and incorporated a little whale  watching too! 
(And it wasn't me they spotted!!) 
It was another awesome day...
But then again...any warm 85 degree a good day!!
Hope it's warm where you are! 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Deep Blue Sea

Today was part one of a Maui pass we purchased
It was going down to a reef in a submarine!! 
We have been doing a lot of things lately that were not on our bucket list
We now have an extra page to our 'list'

Ono Organic Fruit Farm

If you have ever been on a vacation with us
You will know it's jam packed with adventure
We needed to purchase a calendar to keep everything straight!!
This was day's all filled up now!!
We headed up Hana road to the Ono Organic Farm Tour
Ono means delicious which it all was! 
This farm grows coffee and fruits

They are off the grid so use solar panels and manual labour 

These are the beans  drying in the sun 

This machine dehusked the beans after they were dried

They don't get the dark couloir till they are roasted

I don't drink coffee but Arnold, Joy and Gary said it was delicious

Bananas were growing every where  

We tried ice cream banana and apple banana

There was pineapple, soursaw,jackfruit, papaya, pomelo, tangerine, guava, lichen, Mexican limes
These are the remains of my fruit!!!

I had to keep asking him to tell us how to eat some of these as we had never heard of most of them 

Some you just sucked the seeds and spit out, others you ate the whole thing


This was a coconut sprouted which turns the milk inside into a sponge they called candy
It was sweet but a weird texture!!
Star fruit...

It was quite the variety to try... 

They also had macadamia nuts
Which you used this little cruncher for!! 
They bring their fruit down each week to sell locally 

It was a great learning and tasty experience! 





Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Stitched Together

I got a surprise package in the mail
Love Surprises!!! 
I was sure I hadn't ordered anything from Missouri Star...
What a nice surprise...
Missouri had asked for quilts with a story 
I submitted my Wedding Ring and Pat Jones Glacier Star
Our quilts made it to the 3rd edition of Stitched Together!!
 How fun is that!  

I hope that Pat can find a copy to read it for herself!!

 Our friendship was the creation of two beautiful quilts.

I won't spoil the story for look for a copy of Stitched Together near you!! 

You'll never guess where I am reading my copy?!? 

On the Hawaii...

Traded snow and cold  for surf and sand....


In the airport we met some girls on their way to Mexico 


It wasn't a good start to their vacation....


Their plane was late by 3 hours

Then they got the news that the resort was ON FIRE! 

I suggested they come to Hawaii 

 We still left before they had!!


 Justin is holding down the fort and there are water issues and 100 thirsty cows!

Hope it isn't something too serious.


Only gone ONE day....




Sunday, January 15, 2017

Winter not so wonderland

Winter has been pretty brutal the last couple weeks 
Pretty much wearing as much clothes as I can
Blowing snow to get cows fed is a daily event
Even the water bowl is iced up more than I have ever seen!!
At least it hasn't frozen up!  

Just when you think it can't get colder.....

It does.

Dawson did not object to wearing her winter coat 

She is usually tough but she's getting old 
has been shivering at the thought of going out 

The two of us headed over to Justins to blow out his lane

 The fence posts are now just tops!! 

It's only JANUARY!!!

It's been a job to keep the hot tub dug out!

I feel like we are doing the polar bear dip just to get in!! 

After a day of freezing 

I felt like I deserved some time with my iron to warm up

Lucy thought it was toasty in the window 

With all the stars done for my Infinity quilt

It is time to tackle the snakes of flying geese and checkerboards 

I am trying to keep it a little simpler and calmer than the original

It takes some thinking and foresight to plan this part

It is coming along...

I hear the Dory song in my head....

Just keep swimming...Just keep swimming....

(Or I'll drown...)