Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Speckled Park vs Hereford

Tim Holtz line of Eclectic Elements fabric

 just the right shades for my new herd of cows

 The colors are perfect for a Speckled Park...

or a Hereford!

This was my inspiration

 A whole lot of pieces going on!

 It always amazes me how quilting gives it life! 

 Quite a herd building up! 


Which is your favorite?



Monday, July 17, 2017

Got to Love Some Sunday Sewing

I have been wanting to make a few gifts.
With this blistering heat, I figured yesterday was a good day!!

  I wanted to make some bags using pet screening and fabric.

They whip up pretty quick! 

 I needed a couple of western themed ones.... 

 Love the stripes!

And who cold resist some Kate Spain bags! 

 So bright and fun! 

 Now we are ready for some beach time!! 

Hope your keeping cool!


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

In Case You Missed It....

It was a great day for a cruise on the tracks today...

This is how it used to be done....

This is how it's done these days!!

Adrian Lievart and a few other jigger owners

 loaded on the track at Estevan,Sk
rode the rails to Tribune!!

Was a perfect day for a drive!


Sunday, July 9, 2017

Gone to the Lake...

For the day anyway....

 Its a pretty sad situation,
when you are hoping for rain to the point that you will even take a storm!! 

These are the clouds we saw on Wednesday when the tornado hit Alida,Sk!!

We have not had rain for months.

The hay and crops are pretty dismal this year.

Its our saving grace that we have some carryover of hay!

The antelope are loving the fields around here.

Feels like South Dakota Prairie to them I am sure! 

 The heat has been on for the last week.

We got out early and hauled our square bales....

 Then headed to the lake for the day!

 I will be going to the Artist Colony from August 3-8, 2017
Moose Mountain Park, Saskatchewan.

I wanted to visit with the artists that are there right now! 

 Ken Frederickson is one of the resident artists.

 His work just keeps getting better.

He is currently working on some pieces to be entered for the Calgary Stampede trophies

 Calf roping...

 Barrel racing...

 He is working on a little challenge piece on his version of an angel

 Such detail in the feathers...

Peggy Windmill does incredible pencil sketching.

She is looking after Margaret Delainey's cabin till Margaret can return.

Margaret broke her leg and is recovering.

Missed seeing her there!!

Shirley Rumble is the other artist in residence.

This little Miss is 81 years young.

I couldn't believe all the new work she had in her cabin.

So many I wanted to buy!!

I settled on this one...for now!!

I can't wait till it is my week to come!!
Such a great place to be creative!

There will be a Meet the Artists Tea on July 23 from 1-5 in front of the Chalet.

Hope to see everyone there!!

It was a great way to spend a hot day!!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Happy 150th Canada Day!!

I am sure you have heard...

It's Canada's 150th Birthday today.

Not sure if you have seen this commercial on Canada...

Pretty cute!!

No matter how you show your pride...

Get out and celebrate this amazing country

We call home!!

Happy Birthday Canada!!


Thursday, June 22, 2017

Moda Blockhead Progress

These little 6 1/2" blocks are perfect 
 getting a little fix of sewing in here and there!

This was block 15 by Jo Morton.

Still in my scrappy batiks....

This week's block is number 16!!

 32 weeks to go!

This block was designed by Jan Patek.

At first, I thought I was going to skip this week....

But then realized...Heck no!!

We have been showing our pride to be Canadian all month!!

It's Canada's 150th Birthday on July 1, 2017!!

I designed my own flag block.....

Not too bad if I don't say so myself....

Tiny but cute...


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Abilene Cow

I have been hoarding my collection of Eclectic Elements by Jim Holtz 
we came home from Houston in November.

Then I saw this cow....

Laura Heine of Fibreworks in Montana

It's great when you are inspired to 'get to a project'!!

I sliced and diced up my FQ's and arranged in color palette

For the backing, I used fusible interfacing with the glue up.

I figured that way I had double the fusion,
 with the wonder under and fusible when pressing it all together

If and when I do this one again....

I would pay more attention to direction of my fabric
 cut it so the lines run the length of my strips

It was all a matter of shading...
(not to say I got it right)

A design wall probably would have been better than a floor...

But before you know it...Old Abilene was coming together

I had a piece of Tim's Wide back leftover which was just the right size

I knew I wanted to try straight line quilting.

Not sure why as 'straight' and I don't belong in the same sentence.

The only thing missing is our brand!!


in a Speckled Park version!!