Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Seeding is done...

the birds are making nests

The puppies are nearly ready to go to their forever homes...

They are cuter ever day...

Their blue eyes are so beautiful!!

The Sasktel repairman was here yesterday 
even he couldn't resist a stop at the pen for a snuggle!!

Branding and tagging is complete

No room for Scout in the box of the quad....

Cows are ready to hit the road!!

I have been anxious to start my new kit I purchased at the Regina Show

Chic Country 
Sew Kind of Wonderful

I have stolen an hour here and there...

I realized why I HAD to have this one!!
I have been looking for Zen Chic fabric for 6 months...

This whole quilt is Zen Chic!!

There is a whole lot of cutting in this quilt!!
Now to get those cows to pasture!


Sunday, May 8, 2016

Prairie Piecemakers Quilt Show

For Mother's Day, 
I thought it would be fitting to take my mom to the Prairie Piecemaker's Show in Regina,SK

My friend Shelby Love always invites us to come to the Trunk Show!!

Fabric Travels was their theme this year.

This was ONE of Shelby's winning pieces in the show!!

Such a cute piece, Shelby!!

Mom and I didn't make it passed the first three vendors without a couple of purchases!!

We even asked Quilter's Haven to sit on this quilt kit for 30 minutes
mom could mull over her 'need' for it

She needed it....

Happy Mother's Day mom!!

I have never gotten passed Fabriculous at this show without a purchase. 

In fact I had to ask Shelby last time to go back
 buy the Weekender Bag at their booth 2 years ago.

I learned my lesson and just bit the bullet right away.

Afterall... I already owned the curved ruler that was needed!!

Chic Country in Blue and Grey.

No regrets.

There were lots of interesting quilts

Then it was supper 
Shelby's .

Ken was given strict instructions to have it ready 
we feasted and chatted up a storm.

The Loves have fabulous taste in art.

This elevator was done by Shelby's friend, Martha Cole.
(I told Shelby she could leave it to me in her will..
you know..
the 'sister from another mother' thing....)

Shelby's own winning art work of a Regina rooftop scene

Martha also made this for Shelby's 65th birthday

Excuse the bad lighting but this back alley scene was gorgeous!!

For Dessert...

We headed over for the Trunk Show with Elaine Quehl from Ottawa, Ontario

Her works of art were made with her own hand dyed fabrics.

Hostas, peonies, poppies and trees...

She has a real eye for structure and light

One of my favorites...hmmm... blues and browns....

She had great stories to go along with her inspiration for each piece

Such vibrant colors!!

Her trees were majestic

She was asked by Northcott to design fabric based on her own hand dyes

They are wonderful autumn colors

Also a poppy collection...

There were doorprizes like crazy!!

TrendTex generously donated a ton of fabric
Every table had 2 FQ packs which went to the oldest and youngest...

Yup....I was the youngest!!

We were sitting at a winning table....

We didn't win the Babylock from Cindy-rella's 
Mom, Dot, Margaret, Heather and Shelby all were winners!!

Dot's winnings contained a box of fabric from all over the world

Each piece was labeled as to where it had come from!

The fun didn't end there!!
There was 4 presentations of Quilts of Valor.

I am so sorry but didn't catch their names
(or at least I don't want to get them wrong)

But this fine soldier....

He served in WW2

He had a letter that was written 71 years earlier to the day.

It was the day the war ended. 

It was a letter to him mother that he had written to inform her that it was over 
he hoped to be home soon.

His mom had kept the letter.

It was pretty touching to be in the presence of such history. 

Thank you to all our soldiers who serve for our freedom.

Each soldier received a quilt.

Quilts of Valor have a goal of 10,000 quilts 
are at around 6500 right now.

I can't think of a better gift than this soldier's mom getting her boy back home!!

Happy Mother's Day!


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Weyburn Quilt Show

You know you are crazy busy..
 you are folding clothes at 9 in the morning
you say out loud  how GOOD those clean jammies are going to feel tonight!!

The Weyburn Crocus Quilt Show was a lot of fun this past weekend.

To see some of the amazing quilts click HERE

I was surprised how many widebacks and battings I had!!

I see I need to restock some green ones!!
(I am all out of 'celery', Tracey!)

Justin gave me a hand and was an excellent salesman!!

I didn't have many flannels left by Saturday afternoon!!

I launched my new website last week

It's a work in progress
it will give you a good idea of what I have on hand when you need a back!!

I even sold my copy of Farmers Wife 1930's book!!

I think once is enough for me...Enjoy Leanne!!
(call if you need help)

It was also a great opportunity to promote our upcoming quilt show in June

It will be at the Torquay Community Center on June 18th.

It's one amazing day!!

You're not going to want to miss it.

Doors open at 11am-4pm for viewing of quilts.

There will be an Old Fashioned Bed Turning at 1pm with tea and dainties following.

Come hear the stories our quilts have to tell!

Even if you don't quilt, it is sure to be entertaining.

Now to get a crop in the ground....


Monday, May 2, 2016

Puppy Love

It has been 15 years since we have had puppies on the farm. 
Our border collie was courting with our neighbours German Short haired Pointed 
The way I see it they will be excellent working dogs ... The problem is will they point birds or cows!
None the less we are having a good time snuggling these little sweethearts 

They are 3 weeks already!!