Monday, February 29, 2016

Sunday Finishes

It was a great day to finish up a few little projects...

I started with my very first trial quilt with cathedral windows..

I decided to try quilting it myself with some stencils

I always freeze up when it comes to this part.

I am scared I won't like it 
 then I hear Ricky Tims....You're as good as you are right now!

I inserted pieces of drapery sheer in the 'window' parts

These pillow forms were waiting to be covered for Justin

Birch for the days he's feeling 'foresty'

Barn board for the 'farm-y' days

And keeping in the farm-y theme..

Finally quilted up my Toni Whitney barn scene

Ready to be hung....
Since it is Leap Year,

 we are celebrating with an extra sewing day today!!

Let's see what else I can finish....
Our quilt show is June 18!

Happy Leap Year!!!
Use your extra day wisely!


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Throwing a Curve In It

Chantel and Jaxon made this snowman

Pretty cute...
so is the snowman!!

I have been working with this ruler....
1.  Quick Curve Ruler © 

This quilt doesn't have to been finished before June 
it's good to get ahead of the game!!

I am using Horizon by Kate Spain

This ruler involves alot of squaring up

I prefer the regular method of making a wedding ring quilt

all though this way is definitely faster...

but the end result is a more modern quilt look

The plan is to emboss a V for Vandenhurk in the center

I am running out of room!!

A couple more rows...

This one needs to be King size!!


Friday, February 19, 2016

A Bird's Eyeview

I  spent some time this week
installing some cameras in the calving barn

I can't say it was without some frustration
I can say it was well worth it!!

We can now monitor the calving situation from our phones
anywhere we may be...including at quilting!!

Technology can be incredible when it works!!

So from the comfort of my sewing room chair I can keep an eye on the cows 
work on 'my' barns!!

Mom gave me these barns for Christmas last year.

This is the last of them!!

I hope to finish it before our quilt show in June.

Now for the log cabin blocks!!

Speaking of log cabins...

Chris Marcotte finished her quilt.

It is fabulous!!

So to celebrate...

Colleen served us some muffins and wine!!!

I think we should celebrate every quilt like this!!

Monday, February 15, 2016

It`s Family Day

It was a very nice weekend.

It started with 3 days of fun with the quilting girls

Maryann kept us on the right path 
 her little sign posted on her sewing machine..

Great minds discuss ideas; 
Average minds discuss events;
 small minds discuss people.

We did our best to stay in the `Great Minds` area....

Every now and again she had to pull us back up on the wagon.

We would ask her....
That was under Events,right!!

Great works of art were being created...

This was Sandy`s project for the weekend...

Terry has come a long way on her Feathered Star....

Colleen finished her French General....

Charlene was working on some pups...

Justin cooked some fabulous food.

Thank you, Justin!!

As if it could not get better....

Arnold took Charlene and I for a Valentine`s Supper...

Followed by a concert of Johnny Reid!!
This was my favorite song of the night...

A Picture of You by Johnny Reid

As he explained his inspiration for his songs,

It made me a quilt...every song has a story.

There are so many times you look at a quilt and think `nice`.

But if you ask the creator about their creation

 the story behind it is usually pretty inspiring and heart warming.

Take the time to listen to this video!!

Have a great Family Day today!!


Friday, February 12, 2016

Crystalia.....Hoffman challenge 2016

Calving has been going well.

The weather has been fabulous
the new cattle dogs, Scout and Pepper have been a lot of help

Scout is always on duty....

She never leaves my side.....
 making sure every one stays away when we pull string off the bales

As far as sewing....

Crystalia is this years Hoffman Challenge fabric

 in white AND black

Since its butterflies I thought I'ld try a cathedral version of a butterfly

This was my base. 
It's hard to see but it white butterflies on white 

 I started filling in the sections 

The center are mini windows.

I have to say they were tricky little suckers!!

Let see how this entry flies!!!

Have a great weekend!

I know I will...
Good food...Justin is cooking for us....

I`ll take pics for all who couldn`t make it!!


Friday, February 5, 2016

Let the Games Begin

My dogs.....
Yes....I have a pack....4 to be exact....
Have been barking like crazy lately.
This morning on my way to do chores...
We came across this coyote.
He was not friendly that's for sure!!

But the dogs chased him off hopefully never to return....
especially since
 we also had our first calf this morning!!
His belted Golden oreo mom waiting for him
 come into the safety of the corral!!

Calving season has official begun!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Mountains in the Making

This was my original border for my FW quilt.

They were dog ears from my Sedona Star quilt
 they were pulling apart since the seam was too narrow.

So I decided to start again with a new direction
seeing Eileen's delectable Mountain demo

I love how it looks!!!

I think THIS is my favorite quilt so far...

I am glad I decided to change the border!!

Three quilts completed and it's only February 2,2016!!!

It's also our anniversary of 31 years.

How crazy is that?!?!?

Where do the years go!!

Happy Anniversary, Arnold!!

Here's to 30 more!!

Love Christa