Thursday, May 29, 2014

More Birthday Surprises

This whirly gig bike has a funny story...
I saw it in a store.
LOVED it... didn't buy it.
Went back to get it.
 Walked in to see a man at the till with the last one.
Pretty much accosted the poor guy,
trying to convincing him
 he really didn't like it and should leave it at the store.
Even asked him where he lived....wouldn't tell me....
Justin found one for my birthday!!
This Rooster...

Recently visited a friend.
 She had a couple of copper Roosters at her door.
Too cute....
Found one at my door on the morning of my birthday!!!
My husband gave me one!!
Love it, Arnold!!
Ruby Slippers....

Mom gave me a pair of garden shoes from Yuma!!
Cute and comfortable!!
Colleen popped in for a minute with a gift
(I am beeeyoooond spoiled)
She made these adorable napkins for my bistro set!!

Embroidered dragon flies with my initials
Love them!!
Will have to have a mojito on the deck one day!!
Last but not least.....
the garden shed kitties...

I have moved them to the chicken coop twice now

Gadget keeps moving them back to the shed.
They are going to need a ladder to get to the floor!!
Thank you to everyone for all the gifts and wishes.
I am very blessed!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Spoiled Rotten

Can you believe it??
 One year ago today
 this old garage was torn(literally) off the house....

To make room for the new garage....

It was May 27,2013... my birthday!!
The old one was remains of a barn that used to be on our farm
 was so rotted and in disrepair.
I am amazed every morning when I make breakfast and look out the window
Quite the accomplishment in four months of summer!!
This summer
 I plan to enjoy all the 'fun' that was foregone due to the build last year!!
I sent out a 'spur of the moment-let's go kayaking' text on Sunday

Within a half hour,
Justin, Maryann and I were paddling down the creek...

It was raining in the morning,
so I worked on Tannis' Weekender bag...

adding touches of love....
It's all ready for her adventure in Costa Rica!!

I have been completely spoiled by my friends for my birthday....
Maryann found this cute little number in Moose Jaw,Sk

Bonnie, Shelby and Ken Love came down for a QUICK visit

Bringing amazing finds like this purple(my fav) fabric from France

 Dragonfly earrings
a pot holder from Prague!!

The cake is delicious, Shelby!!
Terry gave me this neat little magnetic needle minder, Dragonfly fabric,
cute little plaque

Can you see the reoccurring theme?
These people know me well...
It was great to see everyone!!
You made my day!
Lunch with Mom, Chantel and Jaxon!!
Too spoiled!!
(insert cake crumbs here)

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Dryer Dilemma

I am pretty patient.
But after 6 weeks,
I have come to my breaking point.
I have not had a working dryer since April 8,2014.

I cleaned the lint trap in the middle of a cycle
the dryer never turned on again.
It's only 3 years old.
Did my due diligence.
I purchased the extra warranty.

I have been given the run around.

I have been forced to turn to public shame.
After MANY calls, one WRONG part, and two letters to Sears,
I have turned to FACEBOOK!!
Within 2 minutes of hitting send,
I was replied to with 'we will look into this matter'
Like I haven't heard that 10 times in the last 6 weeks.
My tractor gets parts from John Deer faster than Sears.

This clothes horse has become a permanent fixture

 in my disaster of a utility room..

I am so tired of crunchy towels
Blue jeans that walk on their own!!
Farming is a dirty job...literally!!
Washing is primal to survival at this house.
Drying is now painful and time consuming!!
Nothing like wearing a damp bunny hug or jeans...
I am ready to hot wire this puppy!!!
Any suggestions out there??
Go to go get those clothes on the line....

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Dust and Dark Clouds...

With temps reaching a balmy 31C yesterday,
I finished seeding in the nick of time..
as the clouds started to roll in
we had a bit of a storm...

The weather changed so fast
this guy didn't get a chance
 take his snow plow off before hooking on to the grain cart!!

All the cows made it to pasture for the summer...
I think they were as excited as I was!!

When my sister, Larissa went to England
I made her this bag.....

 I have been trying to finish up with this bag...

for my sister,Tannis who is going to Costa Rica in June
I was invited to join but it's way to hot for me...
NYC was way to hot!!!
We are going to Houston Quilt Festival in October!!!
(can't wait!!)

I purchased the kit at the Regina Quilt Show from Fabriculous Quiltshop
It an Amy Butler pattern called the Weekender
 I am 'quilting-as-I-go'...

At this point,
it is not going in the direction I was hoping...
Time will tell.

Monday, May 19, 2014

36 in 24.....

This one is for Brenda...
Brenda wanted to move to Torquay
as she thinks there are 36 hours in a Torquay day!!
She can't believe how much our group gets done all the time...
Multitasking is the key BUT I don't recommend it...
Here was my Saturday...
 Eat while reading Blogs/emails
Sew up Bear Creek Row Robin 
 attach to quilt while watching Good Wife on Netflix
Ready to be mailed out...

Row 5 already!!
Head to field, take Arnold's place and start seeding

Dawson back on Bunny Watch...
Justin takes my place.
Do some gardening,help Arnold fix harrows and get him off,
 hang clothes since I have had NO DRYER for 6 WEEKS NOW!!!
(I am reeeeaalllly starting to hate SEARS!!! Whole other post...)
Throw chicken legs into oven for supper, clean the house a bit

Head back to the field, fill discers again, change fields and take Justin's place
Chicken legs!!!
Text Justin to go check...Power went out...oven shut off...
Justin makes them into a delectable teriyaki supper....
Saves the legs(and the day)!!
Justin comes back to take my place.
 Eat, shower amd head to opening car races

At Estevan Motor Speedway....
Season ticket holders don't miss a race!!
Hit the hay!!
No problem sleeping in my world!!
(I just can't sleep IN,Tracey!!)
A freind said his wife had trouble sleeping at night....
I said you are not working her hard enough!!
For added bonus to my day....
I filled the graintruck with gas,
later to discover I had left the ONLY key to the gas tank on the running board

It travelled 20 dusty, bumpy miles
 thank my lucky stars.... it was still there!!
I had visions of side grinders and explosions to get that lock off!!
It definitely takes a village to keep this life on the path!!
It's a new day....let the adventure begin!!
(or is it more like...No rest for the weary?)


Monday, May 12, 2014

Weyburn Crocus Quilt Show

The Weyburn girls always do an incredible job
drawing a good range of vendors
There was no shortage of wants for me!!
There were alot of quilts...

A beautiful array of wares made by the members to purchase

Look who I found wo-maning that booth...
My Aunt Eva!!

This was one of her quilts..
A variegated Holly Hobby - hand embroidered....

This was another Holly Hobby stitched by Debbie Giroux

I just love Blues and Browns together...
Glad to see this quilt made it in the show....
Buttons and all, Shelley!!

The appliqued border really compliments this Braid....

A very cool elephant canvas made into a quilt....
Straight for Africa!!

Fabric fusions are amazing in ANY color!!

This was a pretty 3-D flower hanging...

Elma McCormick never fails to impress me
 with her amazing hand stitching and traditional(and super high quality) quilts!!
Beautiful scalloped edges....

Another 'window' quilt...

Jayne Himsl is in a league of her own with her spectacular landscapes.....

The Trunk Show was Shirley Mathieson...

Shirley really had a great eye for color....

I was one of the recipients of a great door prize!!

See Charlene... More than three pictures of a quilt show!!
Be sure to hop over HERE to see Part 1 of Weyburn's Show!!
(great pictures, Brenda!!)
It was a fun evening with all our quilty friends!!