Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Frosty Mornings

Looks like a Christmas postcard.


 How beautiful frost makes everything look!

 My girlfriend and I made our 15th annual Christmas Spirit Hunt to Williston, North Dakota.

It was a successful...and interesting day.

Our waitress was a bouncy little chick and Maryann asked her if she was from the area.

Nope! Iowa!

We said... Canada.....

 Oh!!! she said...Canacks! Or is that offensive?

CanUcks actually...and no.. we don't think so!

Is it?!!?

Never been called a Canuck!!

We thought that was more of an Eastern Canada reference and explained the Toronto connection.

 It was pretty funny!!

And now for a clean slate(relatively) for a new project!

The Texas Star!!

In Stone Chips - Warm/Cool  C-10

 Picking the color groups and degradation can be tough with some of these.

These will become the Ferris Wheel blocks.

Group A and B
These are the start of the Point blocks.

I hate to waste the dog ears so I sewed an extra seam at the same time

extra dog ears

I will use these bonus blocks on the back.

Lots of chain piecing!!

To get the center of the Points block.

 Now it's the hunt for 240 flying geese.

Good thing it's quilting tomorrow...
(as long as the trucker doesn't show up!!)


Monday, November 26, 2012

Ben and Jeri in Christmas Spirit

I can now say I have tried my hand at needle turning applique.

Can't say I am good at it.

I have to recommend NOT to do needle turn applique with flannel!!

In the end, this project turned out all right.

I used variegated browns in the stippled parts.

Must have had some good rhythm going because Winny and Dawson were out like lights!!

I tried to do some of Terry's swirls...

Those definitely need some work!!

Practice makes perfect... but how MUCH practice??

I blanket stitched the stars after needle turning.

 I don't trust the flimsy plaid fabric they are made of.

Just in time to bring in the Christmas Spirit!!

Only a month away...


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Signs of Christmas


My longarmer, Terry Whitman is super busy so I will wait till the new year to have it quilted.

I added a few 'creative freedoms' where I had cut the blocks too small

 I think it just adds to the interest.

The machine stitches at the intersections worked out well.

Just in time to hang it for the festive season!!

Our guild is on the 'flange' kick right now...

...... this strip of black is for them!!

I think I have been bitten by the embroidery bug..

What to stitch next??


Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Red Paperclip Morning

Well... it was actually a blue paperclip....

Which I traded for this little number.

My freind was going to reset a furnace and pulled out this little pin and I gasped!!

So I explained how someone had stitched this tiny work of art!!

So I traded it for a paperclip.

 Will this trade be my RED PAPERCLIP??

The saga continues......

So it was a day at Western Canadian Agribition in Regina,Sk for Arnold, Justin and I
From Horse Pulling Events.....

  Old grain cleaning machines...

I could really use one of these....

The guy said it was slow but I said I have more time than money!!

There were some pimped out MacDon swathers and all the lastest in livestock equipment.

I have an artic cat quad (my hired hand) which I can't live without


can you imagine the looks on the cows faces if I showed up with this thing!!

That would put a whole new meaning to 'I like to Move it, Move it!'

Arnold and Justin weren't as impressed as I was.

I actually think I saw fear in their eyes for the fun in mine.

Mom... you need to show Dad this 'cat' and you both could hit the desert!

Dad can ride shotgun!!

These little tykes were so good.

 Even Justin commented on how well mannered they were.

Then it was a stop by Shelby Love's for a drive-by drop off and some more cookies.

Happy Birthday to Shelby today!!!

This was hanging in Shelby's entrance. It reminds me of my Fabric Fusion quilt.

Just love the colors.

It was made by a Love family member.

Then a quick stop at Lowe's to gather some paint chips....

for Bonnie Hunter's Mystery quilt which starts tomorrow.

As usual...

 RAIN in November 

Which then turned to snow for a nice and treacherous drive home!

Is there any other way to complete an adventure in Saskatchewan??

Home safe,


ps. Thanks, Shelby for the offer of a room for the night!!
With every room booked in Regina, you could have asked a premium!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ben and Jeri

After seeing Colleen Winter's Baltimore Christmas
(yes....we had a sneak peak at quilting!)

 I have been inspired to give some needle turned applique a try.

I must say-

 Colleen's applique skills are INCREDIBLE!!

I will see if I can get a picture from her when it is quilted!!

I thought this "Ben and Jeri" by the Quilt Patch was a small enough project to attempt.

I am just rounding the bend on the first mitten and contemplating that the button stitch might be easier!!

Not sure if this was the perfect project as it is flannel


 I never seem to do it the easy way.

And a lesson?!!? I am more of a trial by MY error chick.

And mom.....

Your babies are doing well.

That self feeder is working for Jake!!

And Annie...........   

still shy and wouldn't smile for the camera!

Her nose is still out of joint for not taking her south with you!!


Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Stitch in Time

This sign was on the door at the Ceasar Millan Show in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan last night.

Such an irony!!


Isn't it all about the dogs??

Actually it was about how the owners need to be trained!!

It was an enlightening education.

Now let's see if I can make it happen!!

Terry Whitman and I had a great day in Moose Jaw.

It is not hard to waste a day in such a historic town.

The 5th Avenue Jewellers Headquarters was all decked out for Christmas.

Some amazing red was purchased at The Quilt Patch for the back of my Winter Wonderland.

We found a new antique store called Giselle's.

It just opened on Tuesday.

We envisioning this beautiful dentist's cabinet  in our sewing rooms.

However, at a price tag of $8,000.00 that dream ended quickly!!

We also discovered The Stitcher's Nook.

A cute store with a great selection of beautiful yarns, buttons and ribbons.

It has been open for 2 1/2 years.

We really enjoyed our conversation with the very interesting owner.

She has a great appreciation for all things handmade. 

This was displayed in her store along with some vintage tatting and pettipoint.

This stitched piece was found by a friend who purchased it at a rummage sale and thought she would value it.
(Sorry for the poor photo... I tried not to get the reflection of the lights)

Look at the age of Martha Ann Coutts.

9 years old... from 1881!!

Incredible work!!

Martha was born in 1872 and some research suggests she died in the 1960's.

She lived in the area and had never married.

What a stitch in time!!


Friday, November 16, 2012

Off To See The Wizard...


Not the Wizard....

 but he is the Dog Whisperer!!

Ceasar Millan!!

With five dogs that need some whipping into shape...

or should I say...

I need the training to get them to listen to me?

And the best part is Ceasar will be in Moose Jaw,Saskatchewan.

What's so great about Moose Jaw... you ask?

There are 3 quilt stores!!

So Terry Whitman and I have decided to make a DAY of it!

Should be a FULL day!!

We also plan to stop by Oliv Tasting Room .

We need to restock our summer purchases of delicious balsamic vinegars and flavoured olive oils.

Sorry I missed most of quilting yesterday!

 Everyone had some amazing things.

I hope Tracey took some pictures for her blog!