Monday, March 19, 2012

Get Out Your Sunglasses!!!!

The tablerunner you are about to view could be blinding.Viewer discretion and sunglasses are advised!

Please excuse the crookedness(if that's a word) of these photos. I really need to get Tracey Holzer to start taking my pics as hers are always amazing.
Well, I finished my NYB quiltalong with Sew I realize that it is only on Week 3.  Once I got started, it was addicting and before I knew it I was ready to quilt it!!

My sewing machine was not co-operating so it did not quilt as nice as I had hoped for but these things happen. Life.....

I tried a couple of different layout like this.......
And this..... before deciding the right size I was looking for.

The possibilities are endless. If you make four of each block, it creates a totally new look. I would recommend this Quiltalong, as the blocks were easy and unique. If you go to and look up New York Beauty, you will see amazing renditions of the same blocks. To see Tracey Holzer's NYB in progress, go to

I love her combination of blacks and brights!!


  1. I personally think that your quilting looks great! Lets design our own blocks!!?? I already have some ideas brewing, but brewing does not mean that I can translate my ideas onto paper! Up for it?

    1. We will definately have to talk! I am up for it!!

  2. We will definately have to talk!! I am up for it!


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