Friday, March 16, 2012

Is it Spring?

Wow!! On a day like today who would imagine it was still only March. It is +22 out which makes this picture I took of my tires only weeks ago, seem surreal!! For some reason, when ever it is slushy and wet, the rim of my tires turn into these inspirational star/compass formations. It is the coolest thing! But I do have to say I would rather have days like today!!

So in keeping with some of my 'favorite' things theme - here is another of my most treasured loves! Irene Roy makes the cutest 'balls of yarn' made from the salvages and scraps of the same color and really makes them into little works of art. I am truly honoured to have been given these. They have a special place in my heart! Thank you, Irene!

Faith,Love,Hope - McKenna Ryan

Another favorite thing is my blocks of Faith, Love and Hope by McKenna Ryan. I made each block quilted with batting and backing so that some day I can un-mount them and make them into a quilt, but I think that will be some years before I tire of them! But the other night I discovered something lurking in the bushes!!

Winny in the bushes

Another of my favorite things is my stained glass window. My girlfriends and I took a class and loved it. Two of us made the same window but in completely different colors and they both were great. Much like quilting!! In fact, the instructor was a little miffed at us as we drew out all the shapes on the glass and then started to cut. We did not realize that the glass could run and you would have to start all over drawing your shapes. One at a time!! My son, Justin and I are working on one right now to go in this garden shed. I will be sure to get some pictures of that one!
Block 5

Block 6

Here are blocks 5 and 6 of the NYB Quiltalong. Definately will be some serious squaring up!! Looking pretty wonky at this point!! Four blocks to go~ 
If any one is interested in attending the Regina Guild's trunk show on May 11,2012, just let me know!! Shelby Love has tickets. It will be a dinner and trunk show with a Judy Niemeyer Instructor. I know I am going!! You know.... the sharp points!!

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  1. I logged onto the hotel computer to take a peek...looks great. Honestly, I look at your pictures and read your words and think to myself, "Is this the Christa Marcotte that I know? ...who's in my guild?" It really is good, Christa. Way to go. Did Colleen tell you that I can't be at guild on Friday?


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