Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mega Million or Bust!!!

Spring is in the air!

The colors are back in the sunrises (look at those batiks!).

 The tulips are up.

 The birds are back.

The pussy willows are fluffed!!

That means not only is it spring but it is time for the 2nd annual Montana shophop.

It's a privately planned event by our little group.

The stores were called to let them know we were coming.

 Seven women at one time can be a handful, so we like to give the staff a heads up! 

Quilts and More in Sidney,MT and The Enchanted Room in Glendive,MT welcomed us with open arms like we were at a family reunion.

Look at this hat...... Charlene was ready for the big day!!

 Personally, I think there should be some kickback from this chemical company.
 Can you imagine the exposure to a whole new sector of the public, if they partnered with a group like us?? Oh, the missed opportunity here.........

We realized that the Mega Millions Lottery for 640M was being drawn on Friday night, so we pooled together our remaining loot and purchased our 'winning' tickets and headed north for home.

At supper, there was talk of what we would do with our big winnings. There were new houses and pools being built (pool boy included,of course!), trips to be taken, sharing it with friends and family

 new sewing machines for all!!

Mega Millions tickets
But in the end... we did not win the Mega Millions.

 Truth be told!

 When you have a super gaggle of girls
who had tons of laughs, great weather and loaded with inspiration, 
who all made it home, safe and sound,
with packages of our favorite things,
 giving us another reason to get together next week.....

That already makes us the WEALTHIEST of women!!!

....... but a girl can always dream.......

So like a lottery ticket, this post also comes with a BONUS number....

It's the extra play in the bonus blog, The Block Party Guild with more shophop details and great pictures of our trip to Montana. So just click on it and see what other adventures were had by all!!

 I think we are going to make this event, an annual spring AND fall event!!

So with that said, I am off to feed Starvin' Marvin and then peruse my new purchases!
 It's sure to be a good day!!!

Sunny Skies and Warm Days....


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